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What Countries Can Travel to With a Caribbean Passport

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The Caribbean passport can be obtained through the investment program or through family connections. Many of those who already have such a passport received it thanks to the investment conditions. A large number of people coming from advanced and developed countries already have a second Caribbean passport.

Currently, five Caribbean Islands offer the opportunity to qualified candidates to obtain Caribbean Citizenship by Investment:

  • Dominica
  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Granada
  • Anguilla
  • St. Lucia

Only those who qualify can apply to acquire a Caribbean passport by investment through one of the government-authorized agents. Caribbean Trust is the leader in the Middle East and most trusted by Caribbean governments’ agents who have successfully processed a lot of files for Caribbean citizenship.

One of the most common reasons why people hold second citizenship is so they can move around freely without restriction. People who live in countries where passports aren’t required often find themselves in a situation where they need one to visit friends or family abroad. Some countries also offer permanent residence opportunities if you invest money into them, which means you may qualify for a new passport without having to leave your home country.

This is especially true for the Caribbean passport, which offers visa waiver access to over 150 countries including the Schengen Zone and Singapore. Getting your Caribbean citizenship comes with many advantages, among them, is being able to visit different countries without having to apply for visas before traveling.

What countries are available to you with a Caribbean passport?

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With a Caribbean passport, you can travel to all countries that are part of the Caribbean, which is normal. Of course, the list also includes most of the European countries, such as Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Marino, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Poland, and so on.

Of course, you are also free to travel to Venezuela, South Korea, Haiti, Kiribati, Great Britain, Ukraine, Uganda, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Vietnam, and so on.

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is exploring new destinations. Visa-Free travel permits passport holders from the Caribbean to visit another country without having to apply for a visa.

It’s an excellent way to see new sights and meet new people because applying for visas isn’t necessary. With no restrictions on how long you can stay, visiting a place for longer means you can get to know it better.

As you can see, it’s beneficial to at least think about getting a Caribbean passport.

Once you apply, you will get to know the conditions better or even encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Caribbean passport application requirements

Caribbean citizens can apply for a passport. If you are not one, you can consider some of the best ways to become a Caribbean citizen, like marriage, investment, or naturalization. Obtaining Citizenship by Investment is the quickest and easiest method that leads to getting a passport.

Application requirements depend upon the chosen citizenship by investment program, even though the following conditions are valid for most Caribbean countries:

  • Applicants must provide the minimum amount required for investment
  • Background check and verification is obligatory
  • The investment must be approved by the Authorities
  • The applicant must be completely healthy

Also, you must provide your current documents, like your ID and passport, so they can confirm and verify your identity before you get the Caribbean passport.

Benefits of having a Caribbean passport

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The biggest benefit is, of course, the open travel to many countries around the world. A visa can be a big expense, but also time-consuming. Having a Caribbean passport, you can go to any destination that seems like a nice deal or visit one of the islands and enjoy a unique vacation.

Knowing that the world is connected by affordable airlines, we can easily reach any destination we want. The list, as you can imagine, is very long indeed.

So, chances are you can travel anywhere you want with a Caribbean passport.

With these benefits, not only can you go on wonderful vacations, but you won’t have to worry about business trips either. Knowing that from 2020 onwards many started working remotely for foreign companies, traveling for meetings were a real challenge.

Well, if your earnings allow you, you can at least consider occasionally working by the sea and enjoying beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.

Of course, it is good to know that if you invest in the Caribbean, then you get a passport that is valid for 5-10 years with the possibility of an extension if there is a need for it.

If you are investing, it is easiest to do so in Dominica, St. Lucia, and Antigua and Barbuda, while Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis are somewhat more expensive. Of course, part of the investment has been returned, which gives you enough space to plan what to do in the future.

Our advice is to start with the cheapest option, which is actually a non-refundable donation that helps in the development of living conditions and the protection of cultural heritage.

Business investments are the most expensive, so you should think carefully if you want to invest that much money. Of course, each option has advantages and disadvantages, but it’s up to you to decide what actually suits you best.

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Nowadays, nothing prevents you from having a strong passport from a country that has open bilateral relations with almost the whole world. If you come from a country with a weak passport, you know how much of a challenge it is to travel and get a visa every time you need to go to a distant destination.

The Caribbean is a great way to get a second strong passport that is valid for most of the world. It is enough just to decide in which way you will invest and how you will do it.

From there things get easy and you can even decide to move to the Caribbean if conditions permit. Until then, enjoy all the benefits you have with this passport.