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Maximizing the Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency: Tips and Tricks

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Finding fresh talents and experienced candidates to fill in the vacant position can get tricky. There are dozens of job boards that can bring thousands of applications for your job opening. But do you have the time to evaluate each profile, match it with your job description, and check whether the candidate has all the necessary qualifications to be considered for the position? As a business owner or a manager, your focus should be on expansion instead of screening applicants.

That’s where a staffing agency Sonoma County can help. Now, you can outsource the entire employee staffing operation to a recruitment agency. From posting job ads to narrowing the list of candidates to the most deserving ones, these professionals manage everything.

How Can You Benefit from a Staffing Agency?

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Onboarding a new employee is overwhelming. It gets worse if you make a wrong decision and hire someone who doesn’t fit the position. You don’t want to end up with a team that doesn’t deliver the expected performance. Besides, nobody has time to look for new candidates every few months. You will want your new hire to work for your organization for years without compromising on the quality of work.

Hiring a staffing agency makes sense for all sizes and natures of organizations looking for fresh talent. These companies have a broad network of people currently looking for jobs. Usually, these candidates send out their resumes to different staffing agencies. The agency checks their resume and matches them with different job openings to find these candidates a suitable job. Likewise, they help businesses find the most deserving and qualified applicants for the open position.

The question is, how working with a staffing agency can help your organization, and what can you do to improve the staffing quality? Let’s check out some ways to maximize the benefits of working with recruiters.

Show Them Your Work Environment

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Just leaving the entire staffing responsibility to a recruiting agency won’t help. You need to work with them and communicate your goals regularly to improve your staffing process. Tell the agency the type of employee you are looking for. Ask them to visit your workplace so they can get a clear picture of your work environment and the corporate culture. Finding a perfect candidate for the vacancy is easy when the agency knows your environment and the people you work with.

Mention Your Requirements

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An experienced staffing agency doesn’t just match applications and find the right candidate for the job, but they are also good at devising a flexible staffing strategy. Not every business requires a permanent worker. Sometimes, hiring a remote worker who works at their flexible times is a better and cost-effective decision.

The staffing agency will understand your requirements and suggest the most suitable staffing strategy for your business. They can find you part-time, full-time, remote, and hybrid workers.

Streamline the Recruitment Process

You may have an in-house HR team that takes care of the hiring process. But they can’t be as good as a recruitment agency specializing in the hiring and employee onboarding fields. These professionals have years of experience and broad networks.

They keep the resumes of thousands of employees actively looking for work in your industry. Whether you need a permanent employee for the accounting position or a remote/part-time candidate for the web designer’s job, a staffing agency can cater to all your needs.

Now, your HR department doesn’t have to go through hundreds of resumes of unqualified candidates and filter them manually. They also don’t need to cross check the information with references. The staffing agency streamlines everything from job posting to selecting the right candidate.

Keep In Touch With Them

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It’s important to stay in touch with your recruitment agency after onboarding the new employee. Their job doesn’t end when the employee comes on board and starts work. The agency will track their performance and ensure that the quality of their work is up to standard. Giving the agency feedback will help them improve in the future.

Communicate your goals and new requirements regularly with your staffing agency. Staying in touch with them will make your job of hiring new candidates easier and more cost-efficient. This also means your agency can have peace of mind knowing they have found the perfect match for your job opening.

Use Their Resources

Some staffing agencies offer free resources and training for new hires for a specific period. For instance, if they find you a new web designer, they might offer a free training period for 1-2 months so they can understand your work culture and their role well.

That’s an add-on that every company needs to speed up employee onboarding. This also saves your HR team time teaching each new hire the basics of their role, your work culture, and how they are supposed to execute their jobs. Your staffing agency can teach them all the basics, like how to use the punching attendance system, who they should report to before leaving, when they should expect their paycheck, etc.

Work Together

Most companies have an in-house HR team that handles employees’ onboarding leave applications and payroll duties. If that’s your case, you should encourage your HR department and outsourced staffing agency to work together to bring the most suitable employees to the business.

Your staffing agency can take care of the job posting, screening, and onboarding, while the in-house HR department can handle the interviews. This will reduce the burden on your staffing agency, making recruitment easier for your business and the agency.

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Working with a staffing agency can be a great experience for businesses that lack HR expertise. You can leave all staffing operations to your outsourced recruitment company and focus on other core areas of business. They will fill vacant positions with the best candidates, reduce your turnover rate, and improve your business’ efficiency.

Management gets easier when you work with HR professionals. So, why wait? Hire a staffing agency and streamline employee onboarding.