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Grammy 2024: Beyoncé, Harry Styles, Samara Joy. The Best Songs For Your Wedding Playlist

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Let’s take a closer look at the new Grammys (number 65), which named QueenB (Beyoncé) the most honored artist of her career. The American singer has been nominated for 88 Grammys throughout the course of her career, winning 32. Her albums “Renaissance” and “Break my soul” both won Grammys in the “Best Dance/Electronic Music” and “Best Dance/Electronic Album” categories, respectively. It’s a dance number that took its cue from a house classic (“Show Me Love” by Robin S.) and went over well in clubs all summer long. In contrast, it is not a true floorfiller during wedding receptions, but it does help…. prepare the audience for the most exciting moments!

Beyoncé wins again for best R&B performance and song with “Cuff it,” another cut from Renaissance that has a groovy rhythm and great voice.

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Unexpectedly, Bonnie Raitt was awarded the Grammy for Song of the Year for her performance of “Just like that.” This song has a sentimental tone and narrates the narrative of an emotional interaction between a lady and a man; the guy was given the heart of the woman’s kid after the woman passed away. Therefore, she lives on her, and she gives gratitude to her for giving us both life, because of the great gift of her son. A song having a subject matter that is profoundly sad, which is ideal for highlighting the most emotionally engaging moments at an occasion such as a wedding.

The fact that Samara Joy was given the award for “Best New Artist” is really intriguing. She is a young and gifted jazz vocalist from the Bronx who has been inspired by the likes of Carmen McRae and Sarah Vaughan. Thus, she composed a body of work that sounds tailor-made for cocktail hours, feasts, and nuptial ceremonies. A fantastic example is the performance of “Can’t Get Out of This Mood” on Grammy night itself.

The Return Of Buble’, A Very Loved Artist For Wedding Parties

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Michael Buble’s “Higher” is the best traditional pop album of the year. A beautiful composition that contains the canons to which we have been used, “I’ll Never Not Love You” is a single taken from his eleventh studio album, and like the evergreen Moonlight, it continues to be adored, particularly for aperitifs, owing to its swing beat.

Harry Styles, Grammy For Best Album

In 2024, Harry Styles will win a Grammy for his album “Harry’s House.” This CD celebrates the “sophisticated” music of the 1980s and is full of unique, personal songs. So, in a nutshell, it’s not a good place for celebrations. But we commonly propose Sam Smyers’ remix of Music For a Sushi Restaurant for your private events since it seems ideal for dancing as well!

Late Night Talking is a wonderful love song with a rhythm, and it deserves to be highlighted among the album’s other tracks.

Lizzo: A Grammy For Her Too

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It was expected that Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” would win “Record of the Year,” and that outcome was not unexpected. (It’s worth noting that Lizzo is not the only one credited with writing “About Damn Time;” the prize for “record of the year” goes to the performer and team responsible for writing the song. In addition, Lizzo’s “Turn up the music” is irresistible due to its meticulously constructed sounds and incredibly addicting beat.

Kendrick Lamar’s “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” won Best Rap Album, as many industry insiders had expected. Even though this record isn’t often played at wedding receptions, the American musician will likely get requests for selections from it from a large number of foreign spouses.

Isn’t there anything Latino? As opposed to prior years, pop music didn’t do that well this time around. However, the Best Urban Album Grammy should be acknowledged. I give you Bad Bunny’s “Un verano sans ti” (he’s a bona fide Latin music superstar). Do you recall Nio Garcia, Casper Magico, Darrell, Ozuna, and Nicky Jam’s “Te Bote”?

Let’s speak about Anitta, even if she hasn’t won any golden gramophones but has been nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys. She is one of the most revered figures in Latin music, and her appearance on the Black Eyed Peas’ summer single “Simply the greatest” is still getting a lot of play at dance clubs.

Notable within the 65th edition of the Grammys was the live performance by Stevie Wonder, at the ripe old age of 72. Already having 25 Golden Gramophones to his name, he won one for his rendition of The Supremes’ “The Way You Do The Things You Do” with R&B band WanMore. The crowd in the stalls was clearly moved by his performance, as they danced wildly when he duetted with William “Smokey” Robinson, an 82-year-old man, on the notes of “Tears of a Clown.”

The Maneskin, one of Italy’s most popular and well-known bands internationally, was a nominee for “Best New Artist” but ultimately came up short. Can we assume that they will succeed next year?