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4 Tips for Preparing Your Succulent Plants for Winter

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Succulents have become a trendy choice amongst people looking forward to enhancing the appearance of their outdoors.

Undoubtedly, they are beautiful and do not require very high maintenance, but when the temperature starts dropping down, meaning the Winter is arriving, you must pay some extra attention to them to take care of them.

The cold climate is not suitable for Succulents. Therefore, in this article, we have shared some great tips that can help you take care of these plants without worrying about them.

1. Bringing them inside your home:

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Succulent plants need some extra care when the winter season arrives. Even if they are in their safe zone, it is a good idea to bring them inside. At night the temperature goes significantly down, and it will only take one such night to damage your beautiful succulents. The garage can be a safe place for them if its temperature doesn’t go below 10 degrees celsius.

However, you need to keep in mind that wherever you are storing them, make sure that they get indirect sunlight for at least three hours a day. Another essential aspect to notice is that your home must be bugs-free because they can also damage them. If you want to get some more insights about it, consider checking out Succulent Market.

2. Sunlight:

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As mentioned above as well, sunlight is vital for these plants for their growth. Therefore, to make sure that your attractive succulent gets at least 4-5 hours of indirect exposure to sunlight, place them on some bright windows of your home.

As the days in the winter season get shorter with them, try to provide them with approximately 6 hours of sun rays to ensure that they remain healthy and grow well.

3. Do not fertilize them in the Winter:

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When the succulent plants are fed with fertilizer in the winter climate, their leaves become soft and eventually tend to fall off. And you do not want this to happen to your succulents. Therefore, it is always considered good to give them their last dose of fertilizer when the summer season is about to end.

4. Try covering them up:

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When there is an indication that the freezing temperature will arrive, and if you are unable to bring all the plants indoors, you may consider covering them up. This will make sure to provide them with some kind of protection.

These covers will protect the plants from snow and harsh winds. There are many snow covers available online, or you can even purchase them from any of your nearby stores. However, keep in mind to uncover the plants when it’s time to take in the sunlight.

To Sum Up

If the winter season is coming and it is already upsetting you about how to take care of your succulents, then worry not. There are some easy ways to manage succulents in the winters as well. Learn about the tips mentioned above, and you are good to go.