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Does Cold Weather Affect Neon Signs – 2024 Guide

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Anyone who has neon signs knows how much they can change a room. They will draw attention to a certain inscription, symbol or emphasize everything that is needed in the room. That is why people constantly use them in their business and mostly put them outside. Of course, they are also a great part of the interior. It is a really great option to emphasize the interior decor. Another good thing about them is that they are affordable, long lasting and quite easy to maintain. However, many of them have doubts about resilience. One of the main questions is related to the influence of cold weather on neon signs, but we have explained to you in detail how everything works below.


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Neon signs are a great option for any business, especially since you can order custom-made neon signs. So it is important that you take proper care of them throughout the year. When the colder days come, you, but also your business, must be ready. Cold temperature affects everything, even neon signs. So start preparing for cold weather. First of all, you need to fully understand how neon signs behave during such weather conditions. You will do this by considering the physics of gas. When it comes to elements, it should be noted that they can reach a certain amount of gas due to a warmer environment. In that case, neon signs will suffer a lot if they are in a colder environment. However, know that not every gas is the same. For example, cold weather particularly affects argon gas. Then the molecules move much more slowly and as a consequence, a paler color of the sign appears.

Argon gas

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So, it is clear to us that this gas is especially affected by cold weather. This gas is mainly used to produce neon signs in all colors except red which means it will affect all other colors more. They will get a darkened look compared to the previous color, and the current color will be quite pale or distorted. For example, white, yellow, blue and green signs will look especially bad. They may also flicker occasionally or become inflamed later after being turned on. We can say that the influence of cold weather will mostly affect the brightness and performance of the neon sign when it comes to argon gas. If you move the sign to an interior room such as your storefront and a similar place, we are sure that you will greatly reduce the negative impact of low temperatures.

Neon gas

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We need to say something more about clean or neon gas that emits red light photons. This color is quite different from all the others, because these molecules do not combine with some other elements or color. This will make the neon sign look very vivid, but there is another big advantage. It is resistant to low temperatures. Thanks to neon gas, this sign will be much less susceptible to low temperatures. This means that they are a much more efficient choice during the colder period of the year. Others generally contain a mixture of argon and mercury, and they are not a grateful choice during such conditions.

A solution for cold days

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Neon signs work best at high temperatures, but there is a solution that you can apply during cold days. To make your neon sign work properly, you can use neon signboards with dim sign cabinets. Thanks to fluorescent lamps, the neon sign heats up when it gets too cold.

Maintaining neon signs

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In order to properly maintain your neon signs, it is important that it is always clean. This way, it will always be great and work properly, regardless of the weather conditions. Otherwise, it can be resistant to colder weather, but a dirty sign can never look good. This can only contribute to worse advertising because dust and dirt can be seen a lot in brightly lit places like this. However, you must turn off the sign before you can begin the cleaning process. Although it is very easy to handle these advertisements because they do not heat up while they are on. Because of that, they seem safe, but if you think a little better, you will realize that they are powered by a transformer that can cause a dangerous shock. So be careful with them by using a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle.

With it, you will be able to remove a lot of dust, and when you do, move on to wiping the surface. Then you can use a brush or a soft cloth, and even a paintbrush can be very useful. It can go into hard-to-reach corners. You need to do this regularly and occasionally do deeper cleansing. This is generally recommended for those who have a sign near a restaurant, as fat accumulates there. Signs in bars in the smoking area are also very easy to get dirty. When you delete them, do it slowly. Otherwise, you may break the glass tubes. Finally, remove the remaining dirt with a damp cloth and remove the remaining detergent. Only then can you turn it on.


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Bugs attract every neon sign. As you know, they will come to any lighted place, especially when it comes to this kind of lighting. If your sign is indoors, you probably won’t have any major problems. However, if it is located outdoors then it will attract a lot of beetles that will leave ugly marks on the signs. This means that you will have to delete them often because otherwise, your sign will not have the best look. There is a solution to this problem and that is to install electronic bug zappers or mosquito traps on your property. To protect yourself from all the bugs.


Thus, as the temperature drops, these objects may lose their luster. This way it will sometimes seem unattractive. Fortunately, there is a solution and it is the appropriate gases. So you don’t have to worry, even if you are living in a very cold place.