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5 Foods You Need to Avoid if You Have Rosacea – 2024 Guide

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Rosacea is a condition that affects people of any color, gender, and race, and this condition is said to affect more than 10 percent of the population. The symptoms may range from mild to severe. There is an established link between this disease and food, and it is said that some products may cause a flare and make your symptoms worse. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the foods you need to avoid if you have rosacea.

1. Chocolate

Source: healthline.com

The food that we are going to start with is something that no one wants to hear. If you’re suffering from rosacea you should give up chocolate. The reason for this is that most types of chocolate contain dairy products that are going to cause a flare, even if you opt for a type of chocolate that does not contain any dairy products. You should know that there is a cinnamaldehyde contained in chocolate that will easily worsen your condition. While some people should be able to eat chocolate in moderate amounts, it is recommended that you steer away from this food.

2. Tomatoes

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We all like tomatoes, but the problem with this food is that it can easily cause a flare. There are compounds in the tomatoes that can relax your blood vessels and can increase circulation, and with that, they will make your condition worse. You can try eating them from time to time and follow your symptoms, and in case you notice the redness increasing, you should immediately give them up.

3. Pineapples

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Just like with the tomatoes pineapples can cause a flare. These fruits are high in histamine and this is the number one cause for redness, swelling, and ultimately a flare. Note that not all people react to pineapples the same but they are considered one of the top fruits that should be avoided if you suffer from rosacea. Devan Patel, Tampa pharmacist, who formulated SkinVite claims that it can help you deal with your condition and can aid with skin detoxification, and will support your gut microbe. In some cases, they could prevent flare-ups from different foods and products.

4. Peanuts

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If you like to snack then you should choose something other than peanuts. Note that you should be avoiding any types of foods that may contain peanuts. Niacin may be the trigger that could lead to your condition worsening. Once again, not every person is going to get triggered when they eat products that contain traces of peanuts but to be on the safe side you should avoid these nuts.

5. Dairy products

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As we previously mentioned foods that contain dairy can be the cause of your rosacea flare. Even though things like yogurt and milk should help with your digestion, they can also be the cause of inflammation. If you don’t want to stop eating all of the dairy products, you can try cutting them back and see how your body reacts. Sometimes you may notice an increase of inflammation when you eat cheese but the same won’t happen when you drink yogurt.

These are some of the foods that may trigger a flare and that you should steer away from. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need to implement stricter dietary restrictions, or you may be able to eat everything in moderate amounts.