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What Kind of Socks Should You Wear While Hiking – 2024 Guide

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Mountaineering clothes are chosen based on the level of experience of the person who hikes and according to age. Regardless of your hiking experience, you need quality equipment instead of things you wear every day. Such equipment will protect you from external influences, such as wind, rain, moisture, etc.

In order to choose the appropriate equipment, you must carefully analyze the material and other characteristics of the clothes you buy. This is especially important when it comes to socks. We will explain more about the choice of hiking socks in the rest of the text.

Types of Socks

There are several types of socks, and many even combine several different models. You don’t have to be afraid even of the extreme conditions if you decide on the appropriate model. Either way, you can choose between thin socks for summer conditions and thick socks for extreme winter. There are socks made of one material, but also those that are made of a mixture of different materials. The best combination is neoprene with some natural material.

The Most Popular Material

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According to the Fun Toes one of the most popular choices are neoprene socks. They contain a waterproof insole that can be inserted into any type of footwear. This means that you are completely protected from water with them. We must mention that these socks are also vapor-permeable, which is why your feet will not burn. They are used as equipment for walking in nature, hiking, hunting, fishing, army, etc. It is a high level of insulation that prevents the feet from freezing and retains body heat.

Winning Combination

The point is a combination of good socks and good shoes. If you have bad shoes or shoes that are old and do not have good insulation, you will be very exposed to external conditions. However, if you have new shoes with poorer insulation, you can improve the insulation. For example, use a thin layer of socks, and over a thicker layer that is thermally very good insulation.

What Hiking Socks Do I Need if I Have No Experience?

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Choosing mountaineering equipment is not at all easy. Depending on where the hikers are, as well as when, or during which season, the equipment for hiking will be different. If you are going hiking for the first time and you are not sure which model is right for you. If the activity is higher, use two pairs of socks. Thicker ones that are adjusted to the temperature and thinner ones that you will wear under them. Pay attention to freedom of movement. The shoes and socks you wear should not limit you.

Therefore, soy socks are used to protect the feet from blisters. There is also an elastic band on the arch of the middle of the foot to hold the sock on the foot. The material absorbs and lets in sweat, and the space between the fingers is separated by very fine anti-friction threads, which reduce irritation when they touch each other.


So, socks are a very important part of hiking equipment. A lot of people don’t have enough knowledge and aren’t informed about it, but there are a lot of differences between different materials. For example, you can have the best shoes, but if you choose the wrong socks, you will not achieve anything. While cotton absorbs moisture but does not expel it. Synthetic materials are very unpleasant and are used only for extremely cold conditions. They are mostly worn over other socks. So learn more about their features and choose the model that suits your needs.