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From Vows to Visas: Navigating the UK Spouse Visa Journey – 2024 Guide

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There are many types of visas that one can decide to apply for, and depending on your personal goals, it’s crucial to pick the one that suits your preferences and purposes the most. That is why spouse visa is so popular, but understandably, one needs to meet certain criteria in order for their application to be approved.

Online application

One of the best things about applying for a UK spouse visa is that it can be done online without traveling to the UK and spending a certain amount of time. It’s needless to say how important this is, as it makes the entire process much easier, less time-consuming, and, what is also pretty important, less costly. Filling out the online form is not difficult, but many people prefer having some help, as they find gathering the paperwork pretty overwhelming. Luckily, there are specialized companies that can make getting a UK family visa less stressful and hiring one of them can be the best decision.


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As you already know, gathering all the necessary paperwork and providing every single detail is of vast importance, which means that if one doesn’t have all the documents, the process will last for much longer, and in the worst-case scenario, their application will be denied. Now, making mistakes shouldn’t be an issue, as everything one needs to know before they fill out the form and submit the application is clearly stated so that there is no confusion. Understandably, those who are facing this procedure for the first time might find it all confusing, but following the guidelines and providing all the necessary documents should make it much easier. But, before making any decision and filling out the form, it’s highly advised to check whether you actually meet the criteria for such Visa, as not everyone is eligible.

These requirements are a must, and even if some person doesn’t meet just one requirement, their application will likely be denied. Of course, there are certain exceptions to these rules, but overall, if you meet every criteria and requirement, the application process will last for much less, and you will have a huge chance for your application to be approved. Now, in order to apply for a UK spouse visa, both partners need to meet certain requirements, and since not meeting even one of them can lead to instant denial, it is important to do proper research and check twice before filling out an online form. Because of that, we will now focus more on them and help you understand the entire process.


The age factor is just the first and most basic one, as it’s simply about the rules and UK law. Namely, both partners must be at least eighteen years old, as it is one of the requirements for legal marriage in the UK. We also need to mention that it is important to be eighteen years old at the moment of the application, or the application will not be considered. Underage marriages are forbidden in this country, and it is impossible to get a spouse visa if one of the partners is a minor.


People are applying for a UK spouse visa for one reason – to move and live in this beautiful country. Regarding that, it is then logical that knowing the language is a must, and the applicant must provide proof of at least an A1 level of knowledge. Of course, if you are currently living in one of the countries where English is considered a national language, you will not need to own a certificate. On the other hand, if you apply for some other non-English speaking country, then you will have to provide a certificate that you possess the basic knowledge of the English language so that your application would be valid.

Valid marriage

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Due to many people who arrange marriages in order to get someone a spouse visa and take a lot of money for that, the government will check any suspicious application in detail. Knowing everything that’s going on in this area and how scams often happen, if your marriage is legit, you will have nothing to worry about. As for how these checks work, the government employees from this department can ask for photos of the partners, check how much they know about each other, whether they have joint property ownership and much more. The relationship must be real and genuine, and partners must intend and plan their life together in the UK.


The financial requirement is pretty strict, and one needs to prove they have at least £18,600 of income or more to be eligible for a spouse visa. There are a few ways of proving it, and it can be done by income from self-employment or employment, savings, money from renting a property, pension money, or the one earned by being a director of a company located in the UK. This amount serves as proof that one has enough money to live in the UK and would not need to ask for any help.


Gathering the necessary documents can be pretty time-consuming and stressful for people who do not like to deal with a lot of paper, which is why we suggest hiring professional help. The list of required documents is pretty long, and failing to collect even one of them can result in being denied, which is why it is crucial to check it carefully. Besides the required documents, it is always a good idea to bring proof of a relationship, such as photos, joint property ownership, receipts from vacations, and anything else that could prove the relationship is genuine.

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The bottom line

As you can see, applying for a spouse visa in the UK is not that complicated, and getting it can be the best end of your wedding fairytale. Although there are some requirements you must meet and a waiting period can drive you crazy, hiring a professional can make the entire process much easier and less time-consuming. Besides that, you will have more time to plan a life together without worrying about legal things.