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5 Tips for Making Flavored Whipped Cream

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For the most delicious desserts out there, consider adding flavored whipped cream to the recipe, such as sweet and fruity whipped cream, chocolate, and even peanut butter. All you have to do is give your fantasy the freedom it deserves.

Try looking at various tastes, however, never miss out on some inclusions – including but not limited to peanut butter, cracked nuts, shredded pineapple, herbs, flavored syrups, chocolate, marmalades, and toppings for pastries.

Consider all of the gelato ingredients. You may make whipped cream rather than gelato, however, the idea is the same. Keep in mind a variety of textures. You might love an incredible mix of chopped, salted nuts and smooth whipped cream.

1. Add fresh herbs

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Adding some fresh herbs, specifically basil or tarragon into the cream makes the best flavor of whipped cream. Combine cream and herbs into a mini pot and let it slowly boil (use 1 tiny bundle of herbs per 1 cup of cream). Take the pan off the burner, allow the herbs to infuse, and then take them out as soon as the cream has cooled completely.

After that, whip the cream as you normally would.

2. Add Cream Cheese to Your Whipped Cream

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Mixing cream cheese to whipped cream – using four ounces of cream cheese added to two cups of cream. Doing this really does make a nice flavor addition, as well as it helps to puff up the whipped cream. Adding cream cheese will make your whipped cream stay a lot longer without having to whip it again.

3. Make a Caramel and Nut Flavored Whipped Cream

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Whipped cream like this is completely yummy. It has a fantastic contrast of smooth whipped cream and crunchy nuts, as well as a contrast of savory and sugary. However, on the downside, this whipped cream will not preserve in a good condition as the nuts will get mushy in a couple of hours. If you are interested in buying some new branded whippers, Mr. Nang is the most trusted delivery service for whipped cream products and you can check the products.

4. Alcohol

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In fact, getting totally hammered with this ingredient is not the main point of the dessert – one small amount will go in this case. For dessert, you will have to add just that little bit to add a flavor that matches the whipped cream. As a guide, use 1 tablespoon of alcohol for each 1 cup of whipped cream.

5. Cinnamon

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Adding whipped cream on apple pie or pumpkin pie goes without saying, however, the one special touch needed to make those fall flavors sing is a bit of cinnamon in the whipped cream. You would find this recipe to be just as impressive if you mixed it into a cup of hot cocoa. Make sure to use 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon for each 1 cup of whipped cream.

Occasionally you would prefer to add brown sugar to your whipped cream rather than crystallized sugar to make it sweeter. Sometimes you may want to add lemon zest to lemon whipped cream or orange zest to orange whipped cream. Adding the zest will give it a touch of flavor, plus the stains of color are nice. There are endless possibilities for adding flavor to your whipped cream. You may include any flavor, cake topping, or you may even use fresh fruit to modify the taste.