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How Hard Is It to Make a Living Playing Online Slot

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The online slot has improved in the last few years, especially during the covid pandemic. For most of them, the software has improved a lot, some have become stronger with new bonus games and some have opted for live dealers. Everything goes in favor of full enjoyment from a comfortable armchair. For most players, slot machine entertainment is a priority.

They want some time during the week to relax and make nice money, and if they make some money along the way, great. These games are also mega popular precisely because they do not require too much thinking or skill. Most slot machine players do not count on big profits. Another important thing when it comes to slot machines is that not everything can be set up. So there are those slot machines that really work properly otherwise the casino would not get a license.

Playing on slot machines is, as we have already said, very interesting and fun, but we can’t help but wonder if there are people who play slot machines professionally? Professional gamblers certainly exist. These are people who have their working hours every day that they spend at their desks and have no other source of income other than that. Still, what about online slot players?

Legal Framework

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Professional gamblers have all the possible benefits and income in a casino or online casino. However, the prefix professionals did not just get it. Since this is their only source of income, they must report all gains and losses to the IRS. In order for the IRS to include them in its list of users, they must have information on which type or type of gambling a person engages in. According to their law, games that are exclusively and only, fortunately, are not subject to this law.

To be even more precise: a professional gambler must calculate his business income, ie he must submit the net activities of his business (in this case certain gambling). Revenues are easy to collect, but there is a problem with expenses. Now, in order for all that to be possible and for the IRS to include you in someone who is employed, and thus get the status of a professional gambler, you must also meet certain IRS criteria.

We are specifically interested in online slot gambling and whether it can be classified into a certain categorization. The answer is – very difficult, even if it is the only source of income for a person. In practice, you have a large number of slot players who call themselves professionals, because that is the only thing they live on and what they have dedicated themselves to the maximum.

However, on paper, it is something different. According to the IRS slot, gambling is pure luck, that is, it is the same as when you toss a coin. It is equally likely that he will turn to either side and the next one is the only factor. At the same time, it is very difficult to prove that slot playing is not just luck, but tactics can also be worked out.

Few have succeeded in this and have really gained the status of a professional slot gambler. You have done almost nothing with the epithet “professional”. This occupation is much harder than you can imagine. Its weight lies in the unpredictability, a large number of players, but also the effect of happiness that we talked about.

You can find many texts and video presentations on the Internet on how to make money on slot machines. And if everything was so simple, we would have a huge number of people who would choose this profession that we are writing about. However, earning a living solely from gambling is a very difficult path.

How to Know if You Are for This Difficult Path

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You have been playing slot solos for a long time and you win them very often. Friends encourage you and say that this is your game and that you should start playing the team professionally. Is this enough to make a living from playing slot machines? Of course not.

True, a good part of this game relies on luck, but the other part is a skill. Like any skill, this one needs to be learned, repeated, analyzed and given full attention. If you are on the way to deciding that this should be your life’s calling, we suggest you first make a strategy for your growth and development. Here it is of great importance to find a pattern for success. Remember that one and the same pattern of success cannot be effective in different casinos.

It would be very good to choose your casino to which you will absolutely dedicate yourself and for which you will find the ideal formula for success. Also, avoid casinos that change owners very often, because then your strategy must be changed, so you will find yourself at the very beginning every time. If you are not sure which casino it could be, our suggestion is definitely to try playing a Judi slot online and see how it goes!

Another skill you will need is patience. You don’t expect to receive your annual salary in one day. Every professional slot player knows that earnings come here gradually throughout the year. Sometimes a big win happens, but that is the moment when luck gets its fingers in the way.

It is best not to count on it, and if it happens, great! This is your extra profit. If you want to make a living, rely solely on your skills, searching, studying, experimenting and the like. don’t rely on luck, extra big jackpots and the like. you don’t make a living from these things and the race for big money overnight and jackpots can only take you astray where you will lose everything.

In view of all the above, you must be ready to constantly learn over and over again, as many times as necessary. Your only goal as a professional slot player, a player whose only source of income is to win. Nothing less. A victory that is planned and achieved. Anything that comes in addition, and under the influence of the happiness factor, let a surprise come. Count this as a reward for Worker of the Month.