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CS:GO Betting Terms and Glossary All Beginners Should Know

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Counter-Strike is one of the biggest and most played FPS tactical shooters out there. It has such a big fan base and such a big player base that this game has its language if you like.

Since the first CS, there have been a lot of updates, changes and every one of those has been well accepted by players. The last game that everyone is playing is the CS Global Offensive and this game is the one that brought new highs to the franchise. With a player base of nearly a million in the last 30 days alone, this game is still strongly on top.

CS:GO has its league as well and very strong competition. It is so diverse and so strong that it even has its gambling side. Some will agree with this, some will dispute gambling especially since a lot of kids play this game and they can reach the sites where you gamble your skins, but that is highly unlikely.

Since we mentioned skins we need to explain, to the three people out there living under a rock and not knowing anything about Counter-Strike, this game is an action shooter in the first person but a big part of it is its customizations. Thanks to this a huge market of gun skins, cards, game keys, and many others, have emerged and it blew up so much that we have sites, like csgo coinflip, where you can bet your inventory and win big.

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Because of that, we prepared a summary of important terms and glossary for all of you that are starting in CS:GO betting so enjoy!

OK, so most of you expected some sort of dictionary or an alphabetical layout of the terms people use in these online skin gambling places but to be honest there is nothing so special here as to what you have for a language in the game.

Gamers have upgraded their communication skill to another level to be as quick and as responsive as possible. The ranked matches are especially interesting because there you will hear terms like:

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  • Full Buy – and this is something that relates to a player buying an AK or an M4 with Kevlar and a helmet, grenades and a defuse kit if needed.
  • Eco/Save – here players buy equipment and guns less than what they would in full buy to save money for the next rounds
    Full Save – buying nothing, not even armour and they use this when money is extremely low
  • Buy-out – this means buying as much as you can because most likely it is the last round and you have extra cash.
  • Dropping/buying somebody – this essentially means that you are buying for a teammate who can’t afford something
  • Molly/Nade – these two terms are tied to the Molotov cocktail and a grenade. To keep the chat to essential only and to be as efficient as possible, they reduce the full names of the guns and equipment
  • Lit/Tagged – means that your teammate is being shot or that he/she is shooting and hitting an opponent. Here they will also use numbers that explain how much health have they left or how much health have they taken off the enemy.
  • Wallbang – shooting or being shot through a wall
  • Dinking – shooting an enemy in the head but not killing him. Saying “I dinked him” gives your teammates and info that the enemy is in low health.
  • Pre firing – shooting where you expect an enemy to appear thus giving yourself the edge
  • Spamming/Spraying – shooting a place where an enemy is or could appear in an attempt to hit them
  • Ace – singlehandedly killing an entire team. This is a thing that many pros are after as much as possible.
  • Rush/Rushing – attacking from a single direction and quickly as a whole team
  • Stacking – more players than usual defending the same objective
  • Rotating – shifting from one objective to another
  • Boosting – this one is funny because this in CS means that you have to crouch down and boost your friend to a hard to reach spot above you, or to a spot where an enemy wouldn’t expect you.
  • Walling – now this is a term used for hackers. This game is unfortunately full of hackers, and one term you will hear more than others is this and means that someone can see where the enemies are through the walls.
  • Top Fragging – term that means that someone in your team is a top player with the most amount of kills
  • Carrying – this refers to a player or players pulling more weight in the game than others and essentially winning a game thanks to that player/players
  • Clutch – means winning around when the odds are heavily against you

As you can see there are plenty of terms, and believe me, there are even more. To keep this as concise and as clear as possible these are just some that you will hear most often whether in-game or from a player or fan.

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As far as the betting sites go, the terminology there is pretty much the same as on any other gambling/betting place. There are terms like:

  • Login – meaning to open an account or to log in to an existing one you have on your favourite betting site
  • Connect steam – will refer to your steam account where you have the CS game on and where all your skins are. To get access to your skins on any of these betting sites you have to tie in your steam account to the site
  • Bet/Start/Flip/Toss – terms that usually mean starting a game of your choice. Since there are plenty of different games that use your skins as a currency there are a lot of different terms for each one
  • Open – another term for CS go betting but it is for the sites that offer gambling for loot boxes or special in-game keys.
  • Odds – term that shows what are your chances of receiving what is in the pool or the box
  • Cash-out – is the term for picking up your winning, but again be aware that you will never see the cash. All you are betting are the CS:GO skins, that do have value but no cash will be transferred to your card.

So this was a brief overview of the game’s terms and the state of the game and its gambling side. All we have to say is be careful where you gamble and be responsible with your money. Never spend more than you can afford!