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3 Clever Ways to More Ambient Light to Your Room

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How can you make your room more pleasant and cozy? One of the ways to do it is to add ambient light and use it instead of regular lighting. Who doesn’t enjoy having dimmed light during a rainy autumn day, watching their favorite movie, or reading their favorite book?

Stick with us and you will learn how you can use ambient lights to upgrade your room and make a relaxing atmosphere.

1. Get LED Moonlight

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One of the items that you definitely need is a LED Moonlight. This ambient lamp can be placed anywhere – next to your bed, on your living room desk, or somewhere on the shelf in the top corner.

The dimmed and warm yellow light that is emitted from the lamp is just the perfect ambient light for your room. Keep in mind that you will not be able to light up the entire room, but that is not the purpose of this lamp. The glow is enough to allow for some visibility, but that’s not the best thing about this lamp.

If you get it, the seller pledges to plant a tree on your behalf! Not only are you making your room cozy and comforting, but you are also helping the environment. And you get this awesome lamp!

2. Purchase LED stripes

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One lamp isn’t enough for the entire room. What you also need is the LED stripes. These can be found in different colors and lengths, but the cool thing about LED stripes is that they can be placed around your TV stand, or behind your PC monitor.

Keep in mind that not all LED strips can be dimmed and you want the ones that can. This gives you the option to dim the lights to the level you are comfortable with. Also, having these stripes behind your TV or your desk is just perfect for creating an ambient atmosphere.

3. Hanging Clouds

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Another awesome thing you can buy is the hanging clouds. They basically mimic the clouds and they are quite easy to install (or remove). You can choose the colors, shapes and set different lighting modes to fit in with the room.

If you add some stars to the ceiling you can get a full night sky in your room! In addition to the LED Moonlight, you are all set!


Installing ambient lights in your room is all a matter of your taste and preference. There are so many options that it is hard to even start what you can do. From minimalist corner lamps that glow in different colors, to curtain lamps or salt lamps, there are just a plethora of lights to choose from.

Also, ambient lighting doesn’t have to be warm and cozy. You can also opt for the cold lights and add some fiery colors such as bright red, etc. A lot of gamers, in fact, love to decorate the area around their PC in such bright colors which they can set according to their mood.