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4 Black Video Game Developers 

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There are a lot of video game developers that don’t get a lot of love and that goes double for black video game developers. I mean most people think of video game developers think of Shigeru Miyamoto, they think of Peter Molyneux and many more, but you don’t see any black video game developers on many top ten lists of video game developers. I hope to change that with this little list right here also if you the reader can find any more black video game developers leave some in the comments section below.

1. Stephen Ddungu

Now to be fair this person did not create a video game while doing this article as Sword of Symphony has not come out yet. The most buzz this game has created was of a couple of articles that came out because of a comparison that was made of the sort of symphonies combat system to the recent Doctor Strange movie multiverse of madness this past summer.

But I am very interested in this game as I watched the videos of the development of the game and honestly, I’m a bit hyped. Also, this person is doing it by himself he is a solo developer, and that much time and energy put into this single project show how much dedication he has to video game design I hope that this video game is not only successful but also, we hear the name Stephen Ddungu more often in the landscape of video game developers.

2. Virtuoso Neomedia

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Now, this is a brand-new video game studio that most people haven’t heard about yet called Virtuoso NeoMedia. Founder and lead designer Ethan Reed recently won a grant at the game devs of color Expo back in 2019. Well, the company has only made one game so far, Santa Corps Snow Patrol.

They have a lot in the pipeline a racing game called killer auto, and an arcade underwater game called Zodiac XX:Leo. I can’t wait to see what this video game development company puts out in the coming years as I see them as a very lovable indie darling in the next couple of years.

3. Nuchallenger

Next up in our very interesting list of black video game developers is another studio that has a video game out and it’s pretty good from what I hear. Nuchallenger studios, headed up by Sean Alexander Allen, recently developed an old-school 16-bit beat them up with a different style to it as it introduces an RPG turn-based type of gameplay.

The game in question is called treachery in beatdown city Released in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PC as it is an episodic type of game and I think episode 2 is going to be released this year. But as it stands right now it is a very fun video game nice short and the characters are very interesting and memorable also it’s only 20 bucks to take for a spin if you’re interested in this game.

4. Decoy Games

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And, finally, let’s look at decoy games this black developer has only developed one game Swimsanity A 4-player co-op game on multiple platforms PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Decoy games were founded by two brothers Khaili and Ahmed Abdullah Khaili was doing a flash development class in college while in that class he developed an early version of Swimsanity called Swimsanity: the adventures of Mooda Jiver the Scooba Diver.

He impressed his teachers with this flash game, and it became a favorite for other students in the class to play. But it wasn’t until his brother Ahmed got into the fold that he could help develop it with the help of Microsoft game studio XNA. It helped the game slowly but surely became one of the indie hits that is known today as swimsanity.

I hope this small but interesting list shows you that you don’t need to be a part of the major studios in the world of games to make an impact in the gaming industry that shows that these game developers were self-taught so that they could make their path, not a generic first-person shooter that would have been forgotten they are making these indie games that I believe will stand the test of time and bring new memories and new focus into the world of gaming that maybe one day people will look and say hey I can do this and I don’t need 500 degrees all I need is an idea the willpower and a strong enough computer to make it happen.

Anyway, that is my list. Feel free to list more in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope you have a great day later.  Read more at https://www.6zeros.net