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4 Benefits of Walk-in Baths for Seniors and Aging Adults

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Although today walk-in baths have become a design hit, they have their advantages – especially if you have seniors or people with disabilities among the household members. If you are still in a dilemma about installing a bath like this – we will point out some of the advantages of walk-in baths.

What Is Actually A Walk-In Bath?

Source: bathplanet.com

The term walk-in bath is a bit confusing because technically you walk in all kinds of shower enclosures or baths. However, this is actually a very specific concept. The common misconception about walk-in showers and baths is that it is a stand-alone shower without a tub underneath. The walk-in tub or a shower is designed without obstacles such as curtains or others. Some types of shower-cabins might be enclosed partially by walls or glass walls. Still, the main thing is to have a fully or partially opened bathing area – where you will literally walk into it. It is very practical, but also very trendy in the past few years. We also have walk-in baths which have a small door that opens for a person to get in. Such baths have a modern look and are more spacious. Certainly, their purpose is especially important if you have an elderly person or a person with a disability in your home. In that case, the benefits are numerous, and we will list just a few of them.

1. It will make it easier for people who are not very mobile

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Walk-in baths or showers are the ideal solutions for older and less mobile people. Namely, in both cases, we have the advantage that users do not have to make movements that would cause them effort or lead them to the risk of injury when entering the bathtub. The walk-in shower has no threshold, so it is suitable for use by immobile patients who can easily enter it with a wheelchair or walker. With walk-in baths, the situation is similar, but most models have a tiny threshold that is only a few inches high. This way, the elderly who use a walker can easily make an entrance to the bath. Therefore, the seniors will find them very accessible.

2. Walk-in tubs also have showers

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This is always a better option when you have a senior in the household. You can simply get a 2 in 1 combination of shower and bathtub. Reputable manufacturers like Bath1 can offer you different combinations. So, for example, you can opt for extensible sets of walk-in bath faucets, and such a walk-in bath can have the function of both – a bathtub and a shower. Also, you can opt for bathtubs with a seat part, so you can make it even easier for people who use them.

3. Safety of use

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Most walk-in tubs or showers are made of materials that are less prone to slipping – and therefore much safer. They are most often made of 100% cast sanitary acrylic, which makes them less slippery, pleasant to the touch – and very easy to clean and maintain.

The anti-slip properties of this material, as well as the fact that pathogenic particles are less retained on acrylic shower trays due to the high level of non-porosity – contribute to the health and safety of use.

4. Easier maintenance

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A simple walk-in when it does not contain moving parts and there is no chance of breaking, which makes the use and maintenance easier. In theory, a walk-in bathtub or a shower like this is much easier to clean. The surfaces are flat, there are several places where dirt can accumulate – and the metal parts are a little more protected, placed at different heights.

If You Want You Can Make Them Fit Your Needs

Although there are certain standards, some manufacturers also offer you the option of making a custom walk-in tub. Custom-made bathtubs offer a lot of freedom. Of course, they are more expensive – but for them, you can easily choose your favorite materials, style, shape, and size – and you can add a lot of details to make them more tailored to your needs. One thing is for sure: the options are endless, so choose them wisely.