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20 Minutes Movie Blew Me Away

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The thought of having only twenty minutes left to live is both frighting and deep. It makes you think about your life, and what are you planning to accomplish, and never take your life for granted. If you’ve never thought about being in that situation, the film titled 20 Minutes will surely make you wonder.

This film is based on a story of nine people who find out they only have twenty minutes left on this planet before a missile strikes their location. You will surely think a lot about this topic throughout the movie together with the nine people affected.

The story as well as the great cinematography and actors certainly left a mark on me. For that reason, in this article, we’ll talk more about 20 Minutes, including the story and the way this movie was filmed. If you need more assurance to watch this movie, keep reading and find out more.

The story

In 2018 the world paused for a group of people that were visiting Hawaii due to an alarm that there was a missile coming their way in exactly twenty minutes. Not only did this cause horror among the people, but it was also featured on all television platforms.

Luckily, the alarm was false, and nobody was harmed. However, the situation made people think about what will they do with the remaining twenty minutes of their lives.

As the time ticks down, you get to meet various characters all different one from another. While getting to know their stories, you are trying to get the picture that the director was trying to achieve. With their differences, you get to see the 20 Minutes from a different perspective with their own beliefs and faith.

We have an African-American and a white patriot, a person of faith, and an atheist. In addition, we have a liberal person and a conservative one as well as a Hawaiian native and a millionaire from Japan. As different as they are, they are together trying to find a place where they can hide and survive.

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With characters coming from such different backgrounds, you can easily notice how certain things become significantly unimportant like finances, race, and religion. What matters the most is the life and unity which we all got to slip away from.

The actors did a great job of capturing each character and making us worry about each one of them and their fate. This is one of the most emotional movies I’ve seen, which is what everyone who watched this movie said. For that reason, be prepared to shed a tear or two while watching this masterpiece of a film.

What makes this film so great is the way everything was filmed. Starting from the alarm for the missile, it starts counting down from twenty to one. Normally, to make the film longer there were various flashbacks included, but they are surely making the whole work too well.


img source: amazon.com

As you can see, 20 Minutes is a film about people from various backgrounds, religions, and financial situations coming together. They put all their differences aside to save themselves from such a horrifying event.

After learning more about the movie, you should not waste time and see it by yourself and experience the whole journey these characters had to go through. This is not only something entertaining, but you get to learn something about life. That is the reason why are we strongly recommending this film.