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Why The Lottery Is So Popular In Thailand

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Since ancient times, people have loved to play games. Since we started to play games of chance, the whole thing culminated and brought entire nations to a boiling point. One of the most popular games of chance ever is LOTTO – a form of gambling that even those in whose countries gambling is prohibited by law have not resisted. One such place in the world is Thailand. So why is the lottery so popular in Thailand? Let’s try to find the right answer!

Popularity Of Lottery Games Around the World

Ever since history records the emergence of games of chance, such games have been very popular among people. This passion is not a feature of just one area of ​​the world. On the contrary, it is spread everywhere. We can say we all want to get rich overnight and solve all our financial and other problems. The exception to this rule is almost non-existent – so players around the planet are hypnotized in the days of drawing Lottery numbers. However, we know that governments everywhere keep the strings of this game because a good part of Lottery ticket payments goes to the state budget, so it is no wonder we can play Lottery everywhere – from East to West, from North to South.

Popularity Of Lottery In Thailand

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Some experts claim that Lottery games are becoming more spread and widely popular – as the economic crisis is more serious. Across the planet, people are waiting for Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday – to see the numbers that can change their lives. As we said, Thailand is no exception. After all, this is the only gambling-type game that has been officially approved in this country. If you are even just a tourist in Thailand, you will not be allowed to gamble because this country has very strict laws on the subject. However, the exception to the rule is the lottery, which has gained great popularity in Thailand. Moreover, it seems that with Thai people, this game has a different, a bit mystified, or “numerological” meaning. However, most Thais will tell you that the secret doesn’t exist. Namely, they all want the same thing as all the other lottery players around the world.

Can Foreigners Participate in the Lottery in Thailand and What Are the Possible Winnings?

They say the lottery is just the lottery everywhere and it’s probably true. OK, in Thailand it’s actually แทงหวย, but we all mean the same. In Thailand, two types of Lottery games have been made official – and they are Government Lottery (TGL) and Charity Lottery (TCL). Foreigners often wonder if they are allowed to participate in this lottery due to their restrictive policy toward gambling games. The answer is YES. Anyone who wants can take part in the lottery ticket – of course, with the conditions that apply to all players.

The Prices And The Winnings

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On average, one lottery ticket costs about 80 baht. However, it happens that you pay more for a ticket – which sellers often justify that the tickets have passed several large vendors, and thus justify the higher price. Through lottery tickets in Thailand, you can win prizes of 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 50,000, or even 100,000 baht.

The Bottom Line

From everything above, we can see that not even Thailand has managed to resist the entire Lottery craziness. Let’s face it – people are the same everywhere. We all have our dreams and who knows – we even might fulfill them if we win. So buy yourself a lottery ticket and try your luck.