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Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Luck in Gambling

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Many people enjoy the anticipation and thrilling sensations that gambling offers. For that reason, this activity has become a favorite to many individuals. Besides the skills, luck is the predominant factor that all the winners have.

While some people carry lucky items with them, others are doing specific rituals to increase their luck. You cannot prove how lucky a person is, and you surely cannot prove that certain things increase your luck. However, if you strongly believe in something, the chances are it will happen.

Winning is important in gambling, and that cannot be accomplished with a little bit of luck. For that reason, we have made this article with some simple things you can do to become luckier. Keep reading, and prepare yourself nicely for your next gambling adventure.

Hide Your Money

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Many people believe that hiding your money is an important thing in gambling. You should not let others know how much money you have earned, or lost. That can affect their gambling decisions, and you might lose.

In addition, it is believed that if other players see your money, they will enchant you. Or that keeping your money visible brings bad luck. These days, hiding your finances is easy with so many gambling sites. Your account can is only visible for yourself, so you don’t have to worry.

Don’t Talk Before Your Actions

You have surely been in situations outside of gaming where you talked before you take an action and fail. Jinxing yourself is common, and you should not do that when it comes to money. For that reason, calling shots or predicting your victory out loud is something you should not do.

If you are a true believer, let the actions speak for themselves and keep yourself quiet. That way, keep yourself from bad luck and increase your winning chances.

Play Only When You’re Joyful

Gambling should only be done when you are happy and euphoric. That way, you attract positive energy and you increase your chances of acquiring a prize. In addition, when you are happy, you can focus better on the game, and come up with fantastic bets that will earn you finances.

Playing when you are sad, or in the worst case, mad will bring you nothing good. You cannot focus on the game properly, and the bets will be only placed because of stubbornness. Playing while you’re mad is a definitive way of losing money, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Trust Your Intuition

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While playing, the second voice inside your head tells you if the bet feels right or not. That is our intuition and we should always listen to it. You surely had situations where you did not trust your gut and failed, which is then followed by remorse.

Our intuition is an important somatic factor in our lives. When something does not feel right, we should listen to it and find other bets that may be better. In addition, there is scientific evidence that shows a higher win probability if we trust our intuition.

Play Only at Established Gambling Sites

Playing games such as baccarat at established gambling sites is a choice that increases our luck. If the site has no regulation, or if they have a higher cut for themselves, your chances of winning are slim. In addition, your safety must be prioritized when visiting such sites. If the site is not safe, even your winnings can be compromised because you will not be able to withdraw them.

For that reason, before choosing a gambling site make sure you research. Find the one with many satisfied players and games that are developed by popular companies. In addition, look for various payment options, since they can be an indicator of how good the site is. Lastly, consider the payout time, if it is quick, you have landed on a good site.

Have an Optimistic Approach

To attract happiness and increase your winning chances you must have an optimistic approach. This will bring you clarity, and all the moves you make will be smarter than usual. If you think that you will only waste your finances, don’t even think of playing. That will only bring bad luck and all the bets you will place might be wrong.

Bring Your Lucky Item

A lot of athletes have their lucky charms, and they are not ashamed to speak of it. For example, Jordan used to wear his shorts from high school under the Bull’s uniform.

Wearing the red color is believed that bring success and happiness. While blowing on the dice is meant to give you the numbers you needed. Knocking on wood is another charm that might help you, while the most famous luck-enhancing method is hanging a horseshoe upside-down.

Many people believe that an item brings them luck. This can be ultimately true, so make sure you bring yours in your next gaming session. By holding, or wearing that item, we believe that luck is on our side, so we make better bets.


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Being religious can help you in increasing your luck in life. By praying, you might get lucky enough to acquire a gambling victory. In addition, people who believe in astrology follow various patterns that increase their luck.

By reading their horoscope, they know whether they should play now, or this is one of their days where they are less lucky. They also have colors and numbers that bring them luck so they use that in their gambling adventures.


By following these simple things that increase your luck, you will finally see the results while gambling. It is not required to do all of them, but finding a combination that makes you lucky is essential for your winnings.

In addition, don’t forget the things that ruin your chance of winning. For that reason, make sure your legs are not crossed because it is believed that you block your happiness. Whistling while playing is also considered a bad thing. Not only that it messes with your thinking, but you annoy the other players as well.