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5 Tips and Hacks for Being a Better Gamer

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Study the culture of the gaming community. Gamers have their own specific language, humor and slang. If you’ve been playing for a while, you probably already know that. However, take the time to research the forums. If you come across unfamiliar expressions, Google, analyze in which situations they are used.

As in other situations, the rule is not to use words and expressions whose meaning you do not fully know. Professional players compete around the world for valuable cash prizes. If you have decided to try your hand at professional gaming or just want to improve your skills, pay attention to the tips below.

1. Set Your Goals

Most people do not have enough time to play every game and be a professional in every genre. That is almost impossible to achieve. So immediately decide on a certain genre and invest your side exclusively in it. Think about what you like to play and what you are best at. For example, you may be better at fighting games or you may be a fan of first character shooters such as Call of Duty, etc.

When you narrow down the choice of games and decide on one, you have a much better basis for developing the tactical skills and reflexes needed for that game. Specialization also helps you communicate with the community. This will make you a much stronger connection with other players.

2. Gain a Reputation

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If you find a game that suits you perfectly, try to practice it as much as possible. In order to have more success in training, compete. It is an opportunity to try new strategies and tactics, but also to gain a reputation. Try to analyze the opponent’s movements, learn to win, but also learn to lose. You can’t win all the time, but it’s just another way to learn new things. Defeat with dignity, do not blame others, but at the same time improve your playing skills.

Such behavior will bring you a great reputation as both a team player and a top gamer. Once you gain such a reputation, you will very easily find the right team. If you are so good at what you do, the team will actually find you. Start with smaller tournaments and test your skills in as many competitions as possible. Don’t just choose tournaments that offer cash prizes, let your motive be reputation and experience. Such thinking will lead you to professional competitions where you will win money.

3. Choose Your Competition Carefully

When choosing an opponent, choose players or teams that are skilled enough. Only then will you really test your abilities. There is nothing wrong with occasionally playing with less skilled competitors. It is also not bad to sometimes opt for reduced difficulties against computer-programmed opponents.

However, when you are confronted with skilled players, you get the opportunity to grow faster as a player. Try to get rid of the stress caused by tough competition. Think of playing with them as mentoring that will bring you only good things. This will significantly improve your playing in the future.

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5. Create a Schedule

No matter how much you like to play games, you need to take breaks for a while. Otherwise, you damage your health, but also the abilities that are necessary for the game. After a few hours of play, your focus is weaker and your body is more tired. Remember that your mind and body need breaks.

So make an ideal schedule for yourself. If you want to become a top player, you need to create a schedule that will boost your playing skills. This means that you will set aside time for quality sleep, meals, exercise, rest and games. The first step you should take is to estimate how much time you need for all these actions. Next, estimate how long it takes you to get to the level of performance you want to reach.

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Don’t forget all the other obligations in life such as work, school, children, household chores, etc. Make an equal balance between them, because that is the only way you will be satisfied. Games should not endanger any segment of life, because they are primarily a source of entertainment. Avoid falling into the marathon track, because many players never get out of it. If you want to be the best, you have to be healthy.

Premature sitting is also bad for your body, which is why it is desirable to do stretching exercises or some physical activity. Only in this way will you nurture your critical thinking and other abilities. Also watch out for drinks and meals, eat healthy and avoid energy drinks. Instead, opt for the recommended dose of coffee if you need extra energy.


In addition to the many tips you can adopt, think about your priorities. Every player is different which means they have different priorities. So think about your needs, mistakes and skills. Only if you successfully analyze your playing abilities and be self-critical can you become a better player. Don’t forget to work with teams and constantly upgrade your knowledge. All you need is good equipment, exercise and motivation.