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Can you Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces?

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A perfect smile is something that everyone wants to have, but without corrections that is rarely possible. In the past, people were known for their wealth by the state of their teeth. Today, everyone can afford to improve their teeth if they begin on time. If not, things become more expensive and complicated.

The braces are the best method that was used until now because of the results that they give. However, people are feeling ashamed because of the looks of the metal wires connecting every tooth, and they are looking for other alternatives.

Since there is constant progress in the dental field, there are new alternatives that happen to give great results, depending on your condition of course. Even so, you have to protect yourself from ideas or hacks that people say that they work because they can cause serious problems to you.

In this article, we are going to talk about some ways that you can straighten your teeth without the use of regular braces.

Mobile braces

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Depending on how crooked your teeth are, or how much you need to straighten them. In case you only need a small straightening, mobile braces might get the job done for you. However, if you require a more serious correction, you should be looking for other alternatives.

Mobile braces are basically, wire straighteners that can be removed whenever you want. You should be wearing them when you sleep to avoid exposure so you don’t feel ashamed. They are usually prescribed when a person has already worn regular braces, to keep their teeth in place. Also, keep in mind to clean your teeth always to clean the stains from braces.

Palate wideners

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There is a condition where your mouth might be too tiny for all the denticulations that will grow. That causes a situation where your denticulations grow without order, or they are basically grouped up, not aligned.

To correct this condition, there are dental items that are meant to be inserted at the top of your palate. They are widening the arch, and they are basically making space for the teeth to be aligned in the next step. Since the denticulations move freely when there are no obstructions, they can align on their own, or with the use of another dental tool.

Invisible braces

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Invisible braces are a good solution nowadays like the ones found at Dentalign. These come with the benefits of straightening your teeth without regular straighteners. Instead of a mouth full of wires, which we all try to avoid, these braces are almost completely invisible and they get the job done.

The invisible braces are a clear coat the covers your teeth, and they are renewed every two weeks. They can be safely removed from your mouth for situations like maintaining dental hygiene or eating. The final results will vary based on your consistency.

You must remember to keep your denture in your mouth as long as possible otherwise the effects won’t be as good as you would hope.


These are the first things that you should think of when you want to avoid using regular braces but you still have to have your smile improved. There are other options but they are either more expensive, or they need to destroy your existing teeth to apply covers on top of them.

When looking for an option, always choose the one that requires less effort but still brings great results. That way if that doesn’t work, you can always use a stronger procedure. Go through these options and choose whatever you think will work best in your case, get informed well and the effort will be worth it.