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When Mediation Is The Right Approach To Resolving Workplace Conflict

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At work, it is quite normal for conflicts to occur sometimes. In fact, it can be said that they are every day in companies that operate normally and know what their purpose is. But sometimes such situations can be detrimental to the work process and lead to reduced productivity and other unpleasant situations.

Most of the time they can be resolved between stakeholders, but sometimes professional mediation is needed for everything to be done properly. But what exactly is mediation in a work process, in a conflict?

In order to effectively overcome tensions and manage mutual relations, it is necessary to work on improving the conditions in the company. This is especially pronounced in modern working conditions, where relationships are complex and it is necessary to be really careful in sharing opinions and creating goals. However, it is good to know that there are many ways in which these conflicts can be resolved and not have a devastating effect on the whole process.

When is mediation used?

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Mediation is any process that involves a third party to calm the conflict between those affected. Although it is rare for such an escalation to occur, sometimes the need is really pronounced and great. In this way, a solution is effectively reached. But keep in mind that all this is formal and that it can have consequences for the reputation of the employees. In some countries, such as Australia, mediation is a necessary process and there are external offices that mediate in such situations, for example, adelaideworkplacemediation.com.au and similar to them.

That is why mediation in minor conflicts is not recommended. But if there are cases of harassment, harassment, bullying, or insult, it is all a reason for managers and HR experts to get involved.

In cases where there is a deliberate destruction of one’s reputation, sabotage of work, sexual harassment, as well as any form of mobbing that affects mental and physical health, mediation is a real need. We are all aware that sometimes it is really not possible to control some things.

Of course, no employee’s obliged to suffer harassment from another. Therefore in such cases, it is best to report to a manager or HR department, to get advice on what to do next. Intensified monitoring of the work process proves whether all this is true and appropriate sanctions follow.

Depending on the type of conflict, both employees remain in the company but under specific conditions, or someone is suspended, redeployed, or fired.

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As you can see, it’s often a “black or white situation”, and someone needs to be sanctioned because of their behavior. It’s not good for employees’ reputations at all, because these conflicts can be such a shame. So, make sure you don’t harass anyone, but also, tell the HR department if you are being harassed at work.

Everything needs to be resolved, and no matter how rare are mediation-solved conflicts, sometimes they are absolutely needed. So, estimate the situation, and see how it can be resolved the best. That will help you decide if the mediation is a good approach or not.