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Journey to Hell: This Movie Will Scare You Out of HELL

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As another summer rolls in, it’s expected that some new movies will too. With the movie industry coming back in full swing, it figures that we’ll once again see a ton of different styles and genres. This means having to decide what to watch in our local cinema. We are here to present an upcoming movie worth a watch, Journey to Hell.

Journey to Hell is a new movie by Timothy A. Chey, one of the top faith-based producers and directors in the United States. Timothy A. Chey has put out over 15 feature films with ties to the faith, some of which gained critical acclaim and commercial success. The three most prominent movies of his being Freedom, David and Goliath, and The Genius Club.

Source: youtube.com

Journey to Hell is a movie Chey is taking full control of as a director. Journey to Hell follows a story of a man who drowns and dreams of the Biblical hell. It’s a story about facing the horrifying visions of hell and its effect on a man who has managed to escape the jaws of death.

The movie is based on the John Bunyan novel of the same name. A story that is primarily focused on one man’s journey but as a whole represents a wide allegory of various factors of life and death. The novel has become a best-seller, landing in the hands of many readers around the world.

The movie itself promises to be a faithful and well-realized adaptation of this popular novel. The backing of a known producer and director just adds to the reassurance of this movie. The trailer already invokes pretty frightening feelings felt by an exhausted man. However, the creator promises a happy and satisfying ending to the story. Journey to Hell movie is slated to release at the end of July. The movie comes to select theaters starting July 29, 2024.

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If you aren’t in the area where the movie is planned to release in, don’t worry. Over ten months, the movie will be shown in all 50 states. The showing will start in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Honolulu, Denver, and Colorado Springs and will roll out to more cities throughout the year. This will allow all the fans of the director and the novel in question to get a chance to see it. Journey to Hell is very much a movie with a message that needs to be spread so it makes sense to show it in as many places as possible.

With the early screenings and peeks into the movie, it’s already been reaffirmed that the movie will be a thrilling ride throughout. The early screenings have been sponsored by Epoch Times and have included attendees from all around the country. These screenings have also brought to light that the movie is quite good at teaching people about hell.

The existence of hell and its mentions are sometimes omitted from churches. This is something showcased by the fact only 50% of Christians believe in hell. As the tagline of the movie does remind us, “Jesus talked about hell more than heaven”, which does mean there are lessons to be learned from this part of the faith as well.