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Is MP3Juice Legal & Safe? 10 Things to Know

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Between torrent clients becoming banned from Windows, streaming platforms being expensive, and YouTube harassing its customers with advertisements – listening to music has never been more challenging. Thankfully, there appears to be a savior – MP3Juice.

1. It Is (Not) Legal

While downloading music isn’t necessarily legal, there are some countries in the world where this is non-regulated, and you can download as much music as you want. If you have a VPN, there’s nothing to be worried about. Consider it legal at that point.

2. It Is Safe

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Downloading music from MP3Juice is perfectly safe. You don’t have to worry about anything. The days of LimeWire and malware are pretty much done, so you don’t have to worry about anything. As long as you use a VPN, downloading songs from this website is as safe as it gets.

3. Everyone Can Use It

MP3Juice is accessible from everywhere, and everyone can use it. As long as you have a computer with an internet connection – you’ll be able to use this service.

4. You Can Use It On Phone

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There’s an app for your Android device that allows you to treat yourself to a few free songs, so you don’t even have to use your computer. However, there are a few Mp3Juices on the market, so make sure you get the app from a reliable source.

5. It’s Not Torrent

You won’t need a torrent client to use this service because this is not a torrent. All of the songs are hosted on a server and are easily accessible by anyone. So, even if Windows has deleted your torrent client from your PC – you’ll still be able to use MP3Juice.

6. It Offers High Audio Quality

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From compressed files for easier and faster downloading to high-quality 320 kbps audio – you’ll be able to find everything here. Whether you’re an audiophile or just a regular music lover – MP3Juice will come through for you.

7. It Is Free

This service is free and always will be. You won’t be charged a dime for any download you make. Every song is free, and you can download songs as much as you want. If you wish to – you can download the entire library.

8. It Is Fast

There are some limits to download speeds, but you still won’t have to wait longer than a minute for a song to download.

9. It Has A Huge Catalogue Of Songs

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You will probably be able to find anything on this website. If it’s on the radio – it’s on the MP3Juice. Some older, not so popular stuff might be a bit harder to come by, but still, there’s a workaround for that, too.

10. It Can Convert Video To .MP3

Even if you can’t find the desired song through the website’s search bar, you can still download the song if it’s on YouTube. All you’ll have to do is copy and paste the link into the search bar, and the MP3Juice will convert the video into an .mp3 file for you to download in a matter of seconds.


There you have it. Enjoy your free music! That is everything you need to know about MP3Juice.