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How to Choose the Right Coffee Table for Your Small Living Room

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When designing your living room, many things are very important and give it a certain charm. However, nothing determines the character of the living room like a coffee table. While choosing a coffee table may seem too easy at first glance, you need to keep in mind a number of tricks to make the table you choose perfect for your living room. If your living room is small, it can be more of a challenge.

Coffee pots occupy a central position in the living room and are really necessary for everything to function in the best possible way. Morning coffee, afternoon tea or beer with your favorite movie, for all this you really need a table.

Not only is it used for storing drinks and snacks, but you can also store personal belongings, phones or laptops on days when you work from home. However, when choosing a coffee table, the function of the table itself is not crucial, but also its design. If you are not sure what kind of table you want, Hamptons coffee table has gained in popularity in recent years and for a reason.

That is why, in the text that follows, we help you more easily understand how to choose the right coffee table for your small living room.

Proportions of Tables

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When choosing a coffee table, you must consider several proportions. In the first place, you must take into account the square footage of the larger living room, as well as the free space that remains when complete furniture is brought in. The other thing you need to pay attention to is the couch against which the table will stand.

What must perfectly match the proportions of the couch, here’s how: it should cover no less than half of the total length of the couch, that’s the number one rule you should keep in mind when it comes to proportions. So the coffee table should never, but should not be longer than the sofa itself. Ideally, it should cover three-quarters of the total length of the couch.

A similar thing is in question when we talk about the height of the table, and so we come to rule number 2 when it comes to proportions. Ideally, your new table should be a few inches or less in the height of your couch. Everything else will diminish the aesthetic taste and the function of the table itself.

The Right Shape of the Table

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And this time, the main reference point for choosing a coffee table is your sofa. Not only does the length and height depend on it, but also the shape. If your living room is decorated with a classic horizontal sofa, the best choice are oval or rectangular tables.

This way you will allow everyone sitting on the couch to have free access and their own part of the table. If your sofa is L-shaped, then it would be best to choose a round or rectangular table. The ideal solution would be two smaller tables that complement each other and can be maneuvered.

Each of these little rules has its own how and why and it would be very good to follow them. However, if you have a picture of the perfect coffee table in your head and you still find it in a store, don’t give it up just because of the stated rules. After all, the rules are there to be broken, right?