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4 Hidden TikTok Tricks And Features You Might Not Know About

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Since its debut in the year 2018, TikTok has seen a tremendous increase in its popularity. It’s not just filled the void of Vine inside our heart, also the amount of talent that is on the platform is astounding. This is not without reason. The platform is packed with options that make it simple for creators to create high-quality content, without needing to quit the platform.

However, if you’re using the standard TikTok features aren’t getting everything you can get from the platform. If you’re a creator using TikTok there are a few TikTok secret features as well as TikTok hacks that you should be aware of. If it’s recording your own duet, to creating a slideshow in the most efficient way, you’ll discover the information here.

1. Web Version

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Do you realize that it is possible to could access TikTok on your computer? Don’t be too excited about the web version is actually a reduced version of the mobile version of TikTok.

To sign in to the system to log in, to sign in, click Watch Now at the top right side of the screen. It will take you to a For You page, where you will be able to click Login at the top right on the page.

After logging in, you’ll see a customized for You page. There are also suggested accounts as well as the Discover section on the right. Like the mobile version, The Discover section shows the most popular hashtags.

Although the web version doesn’t come with the robust tools available in the mobile version of TikTok There are a few ways you can use it:

  • Upload videos
  • View profile
  • View analytics

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2. Upload Videos to the Web Version

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Uploading videos to the web version of TikTok is really simple. Click the Upload icon located in the upper right-hand corner on the right (it appears to be a cloud that has an upwards arrow within it).

Then, you’ll see the upload screen. Here you can upload a video on your PC, insert an appropriate caption, select an appropriate cover, choose the privacy level, and permit (or not allow) duets or reactions.

3. See Analytics

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To see your analytics on the version on the web of TikTok you need to hover your mouse over your profile picture at the top of the right, then select View Analytics.

You’ll be able to see the outline of the account. You’ll also you’ll be able to see Followers and Content statistics.

You’ll be able to see Followers by Days, Followers, Likes, and Reactions. You can even see your most popular video with the View Hit Video option.

4. Duet on TikTok

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The duet feature of TikTok is one of its best features. If you create duets on TikTok it becomes easy for you to create more content. You can make videos with another user who is following you, or you can search for another user to make a duet with.

The greatest thing about the duet feature is that TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t change anything. You won’t come in between your video making it hard for it to be seen by users who don’t follow you.

This is why it becomes very easy for creators to make duets with various users. It’s even better if you’re a creator who makes your own content as well as creates duets with other users.