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What Is the Difference Between a Server and a Dedicated Server?

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If you are planning to create your website, we believe that the place where you host your web platform is important to you. This is why it is important to know the difference between a server and a dedicated server. It is also a very dedicated server and each of them offers many services and different prices. That way, the choice is significantly more difficult, but you will make an easier decision, you have enough information about them. If you want to get the most out of a particular platform, learn more about the difference between the two servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

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It is a physically separate server intended exclusively for one user and application. Whether it is sites, emails or some other content posted by the user, the dedicated server has all the resources available and only for its own needs.

Other features of this server are quite the same as with the regular one. So, the common features would be their own operating system, applications, IP address.

The difference between a server and a dedicated server

The obvious difference between these two servers is in the way resources and IP addresses are shared. While with a dedicated server the user is completely isolated and protected, using a regular server its contents can be compromised by other users.

For example, it is enough for only one user to compromise the reputation of the IP address and you users will have equally problems. In addition, there are many other limitations that prevent users from exploiting the full potential of the server.

Why switch to Dedicated Server?

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The biggest advantage of this server is that you get all the resources. In that case, all the processing power will be reserved exclusively for your server and no one else will use it. This also applies to a separate IP address, DNS site and email, advanced security, backup, etc. This server is generally recommended for people running a large campaign such as an advertising campaign on national television. Since it will be watched by millions of people on a daily basis, the site will suffer a large number of visits. If you want it to be sustainable, you will need to provide yourself with adequate resources. Equally good examples are companies with hundreds of employees.

Everyone will have an e-mail, and in order for the flow of information to be good enough, it is necessary to eliminate the delay. Loss of important information is the worst case scenario for any company. Agencies benefit equally from dedicated servers, because they will use them to keep all their clients together. A slightly different concept are web platforms that contain flammable topics that very easily flood the internet. Millions of visitors lead the debate at the same time in one place, and that is a big pressure on the website. Either way, a dedicated server is a proven good option if you want a fast and efficient web platform for any reason.


The consequences of a poorly functioning server are mostly a limited number of emails, inability to access settings, etc. In that case, the work of other server users would automatically affect yours. Fortunately, you can separate yourself from them and take full advantage of a more popular choice such as a dedicated server. The price will depend on the package you need, and the packages will be determined by the hosting provider.