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Most Beginner-friendly MMORPGs to Try in 2024

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Massively multiplayer online role-playing pastimes are extremely popular nowadays, and they allow the player to enter a world where they would interact with a lot of other gamers in order to work for something together or to show off their skills and see who comes out victorious.

These plays are trending everywhere in the world, and they are attractive for both people who’ve never been interested in gaming before, and those who have been part of the online multiplayer stories for more than just a few years. If you are one of the former, and if you want to explore the society of fantasy and virtual reality, and if you want to know which games are the best ones to start with, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to list some of the most beginner-friendly MMORPGs to try in 2024. Keep on reading to find out why these stories are attractive for everyone, and why it is better to start with them instead of something else.

Elder Scrolls

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The pastime that we are going to start with is one of the oldest and one of the most popular ones on the maker. The play was initially placed on the market almost three decades ago, and players have been interested in it ever since. It is one of the few ones that has successfully followed the market and the trends, and the developers are continuously making the needed changes with each new addition to fulfill the interests of every player.

This MMORPG is extremely good for beginners because you can customize your experience without too much trouble, and you can choose if you want the story to be simple and easy for you to finish, or if you want to opt for something modern and challenging.

Black Desert

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There are many reasons why people choose to play this game, and one of the biggest ones is the impeccable graphics that you are going to find in this story. The overall design is so beautiful, so even if you are not a passionate gamer, and even if you’ve never played an MMORPG before, the graphics are reason enough to give it a chance.

Users have stated that the whole campaign looks so real that sometimes you will be wondering if you are looking at a picture or if you are playing a pastime. It is set in a fantasy society, but it is grounded enough so that you will feel like you are a real part of the story. This campaign can be tested for free, and after the two-week trial period, you can choose if you want to purchase it.

New World

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This is the newest campaign on this list, and it came out in September of this year. Even though it was initially scheduled for the beginning of last year, due to the pandemic and other reasons the release was postponed. As soon as it came out it became attractive for millions of players, and those who don’t have any experience with massively multiplayer online role-playing plays noticed that this is a great play to start with.

It is a fantasy story where you will need to explore a new society, finish the tasks and overcome the challenges. This campaign takes pride in pretty much everything starting from the captivating lore up to graphics and design.

As you can see if you visit this website, if you have any issues overcoming a challenge, you can always use a booster to increase your odds of being victorious no matter who you are up against.


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Neverwinter is a campaign specifically made for those who enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, and this play will easily take you to the sphere of fantasy. Starting from the graphics, to the setting, and the lore, you will be captivated by the similarities between the two, and you will have so much fun exploring the new sphere.

If you are interested in feeling the nostalgia from dice and paper plays, and if you want to translate that into a modern MMORPG experience, then this is the game you want to start with. It is extremely beginner-friendly, and you don’t need any experience and knowledge to be able to enjoy the story and the overall play.


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Now let’s talk about a campaign that is pretty underrated, and not many players are interested in exploring this lore. Unlike many others on this list, EVE is not as popular and as attractive for players to test. Unfortunately, everyone who has not given it a shot has missed out a lot because it is an extremely captivating play that will keep you interested for days and even weeks.

This story is made for those who are ambitious, and who want to go above and beyond to be successful. In this play, you can battle, trade, craft, and do anything and everything while exploring a distant society. One of the most interesting facts about this play is that one of the biggest Player vs Player events took place in this campaign, and thousands of players spent almost a day competing against each other. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, it will be fun for you, and you should definitely give it a chance next time you are choosing an MMORPG to explore.

These are some of the currently most popular and most beginner-friendly massively multiplayer online role-playing campaigns that you can find on the market. Some of them will require you to pay a fee before you can explore the challenging society, while others will allow you to either play the pastime for free or at least test it out before you choose to purchase it. No matter which one you choose to go with, you will not make a mistake and you will have an amazing experience.

Know that the easiest way to see which one is the right tone for you is to first watch trailers and tutorials, and then test the story yourself. Boosters can always help you out when you get stuck at a point and know that collaborating with more experienced players will also make a difference.