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How Can You Tell if CBD Oil Is Good Quality – 2024 Guide?

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There is a large selection of CBD oil manufacturers, but it is up to you to decide which one is good and safe. To find out, you need to pay attention to the quality of the product. There are several ways to do this. First, think about the reason you bought the product. Depending on your health, mood and previous experience, choose the CBD oil that has the most health benefits.

Although this product is known for its powerful effects in the fight against anxiety and pain, there is a difference from one manufacturer to another. Of course, the packaging says a lot about the quality of the product, but don’t focus solely on packaging. The key is the ingredients that make up the contents of the bottle. In addition to the main ingredient, the accompanying ones are equally important. Read below for other things to keep in mind if you want to buy quality CBD oil.

High Quality CBD Oils

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This type of oil is very easy to recognize. All you need to do is watch carefully, because that’s the only way to identify clear indicators of product quality. Since CBD oil is an extract taken from cannabis plants, it contains a minimum of THC or a substance that makes people feel high. Therefore, CBD is not controversial and is available to the general public. However, there are people and companies that abuse this process. In such circumstances, there are no regulations controlling the production process, which means that they use dubious extraction methods.

These are the brands you should avoid. You will mostly recognize such companies by ridiculously low prices, bad packaging, as well as extremely toxic ingredients. The most commonly used are pentane, butane, propane and hexanes. They are harmful to health. Good companies use only organic and pharmaceutical ethanol during CBD processing. So, they use the safest extraction methods.

How Do I Check a Specific Product?

In addition to all the above, you will probably want to check the ingredient label in a little more detail. Thanks to the list of ingredients, you can finally make sure that CBD really contains cannabidiol in itself. Otherwise you will only waste money. First, find the CBD label. The product should contain this information, because in that case CBD is mentioned as hemp extract. Read carefully, because some manufacturers will try to deceive you by mentioning only hemp seeds, hemp oil, etc.

Cannabidiol or hemp extract are not mentioned here and it is not the same as CBD. It is especially important to look at the list of ingredients if you are allergic to something. There you will probably find grape seed oil, which is one of the main ingredients. It is responsible for stabilizing and preserving CBD. The color of the oil is mostly natural, but it can also contain artificial aroma and color.

Extraction Process

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In order to have a better insight into the extraction methods, it is important to know as much as possible about the CBD oil extraction process. For example, high quality oils use CO2 as well as safe solvents. They reduce residual solvent toxicity. Although the manufacturer will not add suspicious ingredients to the product, the hemp plant can absorb toxic metals. It is known for its absorption power, because it draws all the vitamins and minerals from the soil. Known as a hypercumulative plant, it can also absorb lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. A company that cares about the health of consumers, manages to isolate such ingredients. However, choose a company that will give you information about the origin of the canola.

Based on the place of cultivation, you can conclude a lot about the quality of the product. Instead of butane and other toxic solvents, a quality product contains rosin tinctures and other safe ingredients. This process does not involve chemical residues, because CO2 is poured through the entire plant matter, which promotes efficient extraction of compounds. Each company chooses whether to use liquid CO2 or gaseous CO2.

A Place Where Hemp Is Grown

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Do not forget that the choice of CBD is very important, because you will get the right effect exclusively from a quality product. Due to the absorbing power of this plant, pay attention to the soil on which it grew. Soil rich in minerals and vitamins is an ideal condition for its growth, while soil rich in metals is a poor environment for this plant. All information about the land can be found on the website of the store or contact customer support. You can try to grow cannabis by yourself also. It is not so easy but it is possible. Check Premium Cultivars and find some seeds on their website.


A reputable company will sell products with CBD-labeled content. This applies not only to the list of ingredients but also to the concentration of the product in the bottle. It is important to know this information so that you know which product suits you. For example, higher concentration implies a more powerful effect and such products should be used as CBD for stress while weaker products are for day to day use. Do not be confused by the concentration or the number of milligrams, because the amount stated refers to the whole product, not the dose.

Third-party Testing

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Every quality product must go through laboratory analyzes in order to obtain a laboratory report. This process involves meticulous and rigorous examination. The presence of contaminants is checked. While some laboratories pass tests, others fail to achieve results. The results confirm the effectiveness of the product, as well as its safety. A reliable brand always has these results and will be very happy to share them with you. Some stores publish the results on a website or include them in their packaging.

If this information is indicated on the product, you will probably be able to access the COA, you need to scan the QR code on the product using smartphones. You can also send an email to the company asking for a COA. When you receive a document, you will probably be confused to read it, but look for key factors. These are labeling accuracy as well as a list of cannabinoids and other compounds. The list should include CBDA, CBN, CBG and CBC. Of course, look for both heavy-metal and pesticide analyzes.


The more positive things you find, the more you can rely on a particular product. While there is no one-size-fits-all brand, there are products that are sure to suit you. Don’t forget to read reviews and take into account the experiences of other consume.