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10 Best Sporting Events to Bet On This Summer 2024

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Sports events for the summer of 2024 are underway, and many sports betting fans already have their favorite events.

Since the beginning of this year, several important sporting events have already passed, including the NFL Super Bowl, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and the Winter Olympic Games.

However, we still have plenty of interesting sporting events for you to bet at home for August, and the excitement continues into the fall as the NFL qualifiers get underway.

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For the end of July and August we have the following events:

  1. IAAF World Championships, which was postponed from 2024. It’s an athletics championship in Oregon, USA.
  2. Summer X Games, held in California. It is a championship in extreme sports.
  3. World Police and Fire Games is a multi-sport competition in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  4. In the last week of July we have the Tour de France for women.
  5. At the beginning of August, multi-sports Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham.
  6. IFAF Women’s American Football Championship will be held from July 28 to August 8 in Finland.
  7. FEI World Equestrian Games will be held in the second week of August 2024, in Herning, Denmark.
  8. Islamic Solidarity Games, a championship that was rescheduled from 2024 to 2024, will be held in Konya, Turkiye.
  9. European Sports Championships is a multi-sport competition that will be held in Germany.
  10. At the end of August and beginning of September we have the US Open in New York.

Summers in sports don’t really bring much excitement, except when there are summer Olympics or soccer championships. Then almost the entire planet is on its feet cheering and betting on its favorite sports and athletes.

However, for true gambling fans, there is always at least something exciting to bet on.

Why is 2024 special for sports bettors?

After two years of weak dynamics, in 2024 a large number of events that were previously postponed are finally taking place. The year itself began excitingly with the Novak Djokovic scandal and continued with the Winter Olympic Games.

Sports fans and sports betting have long invested money in their favorite players, games, and competitions. In fact, the stagnation of the past pandemic years has not reduced the profitability of this industry.

On the contrary, people were more interested in exploring interesting sporting events, rather than focusing only on the commercial premier league championships.

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Also, one of the events we are looking forward to by the end of the year is FIFA World Cup Qatar 2024.

Although it’s a huge event, we didn’t mention it in the list because it’s only focused on summer sports games.

Until now, we are used to the FIFA World Cup taking place in the summer, but due to the specific conditions in Qatar, the event has been moved to the winter months.

Are there people who bet on non-commercial events?

There are many bettors who are focused precisely on events and leagues that do not attract much commercial attention. However, bookies always keep these matches in mind as they know that there are enthusiasts who would rather bet on a horse race or a local swimming match than a Premier League match.

This is part of an advanced strategy, which requires a lot of commitment, but also the study of significant aspects of teams, individuals, and their ways of playing sports. Of course, for some, it is interesting and exciting, while for others it may be boring and pointless.

Bet smartly even in summer

When it’s summer, we all feel a wonderful dose of optimism and think that we can achieve a lot without putting in any effort. And it’s not surprising at all, warm weather gives us confidence because we feel better than the rest of the year.

However, when it comes to activities like sports betting, we must stick to our year-round principles.

That means you don’t need to bet at every price. You should also have advanced bankroll management because in the summer we usually have more money than in the rest of the year. All these things are connected with each other, and even the lack of exciting events is not an obstacle for avid bettors.

The recommendation remains as always – do not bet when you are too excited, do not rely on stories from scammers and never pay to find out reliable types.

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Even when it comes to world championships and championships, no one can ever have ready-made results, ready to be paid. And of course, we believe that you can do better than that. In the end, there is no better ticket than the one you put together yourself. Even if you don’t hit any outcomes, it’s better if you’re “guilty” of it yourself than if you paid someone else for a tip.

Other important sports events

In addition to those 10 events we have already listed, two golf events are worth mentioning, the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, and the Wyndham Championship in Sedgefield NC.

The football Bundesliga League 2024-2023 starts in August in Germany. Also, England will host the 2024-2024 Premier League Opens.

If you’re into cycling, in addition to the Women’s Tour de France, you can also enjoy the Tour de Big Bear at Big Bear Lake CA on August 6th, then the Tour de Poland on August 8th, as well as La Vuelta Cycling in Utrecht, Netherlands.

During August you have a few more golf and NASCAR competitions and in September the Rugby World Cup South Africa starts.


Even when summers are boring and there are no interesting sports events, you can always find something interesting to bet on. Of course, our recommendation is to stay true to your principles. Enjoy sports matches if you are a fan, instead of constantly trying to write a winning ticket. It will help you have a good time, instead of wasting it on nervousness and stress.

And of course, follow your favorite events, even if they are not commercial. The excitement can be bigger than ever.