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Shocking, Strange and Extreme National Sports

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The history of sports includes thousands of different disciplines that were invented and popularized in various parts of our planet. Many wide-spread sports have already ceased to be national. Like, for example, football (soccer), which was originally invented in England but is an international sport now.

There are sports that are popular only in some countries, but they still have a very large army of fans. For example, cricket, which is popular in Pakistan and India, or baseball, which is considered the national sport in the USA and Japan.

But there are also lesser-known national sports. Some sports are traditional entertainments that are already several hundred or even thousands of years old. However, they are known only in a certain geographical location, only in a particular region or in a particular nationality. What sports are we talking about?


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Buzkashi is an ancient game that is still popular in some regions of Afghanistan. This sport can be called extreme and even dangerous to health, since athletes often break their bones and break their skulls during Buzkashi.

The rules of the game are similar to polo. Recall that polo is a game in which riders on horses participate, who try to score a goal with the help of a ball and sticks. Buzkashi is something similar. But if polo is a game of aristocrats, then Buzkashi is a folk entertainment.

The key difference between the Afghan version of the game is the use of a different “object” rather than a ball. The carcass of a killed goat or other domestic animal is used as sports equipment. Usually it has no head. Sticks for playing Buzkashi are also not used when playing with bare hands or spears. The goal of the game is to capture the animal’s body and jump to a certain place on the field.

Another difference between Buzkashi is the number of players. Sometimes several dozen riders take part in the game, and sometimes several hundred.


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As you know, several centuries ago Germany consisted of several independent principalities, each of which had its own traditions. Including sports traditions. One of them is the Bavarian version of arm wrestling.

Unlike the “classic” arm wrestling, when the winner is determined by the strength of the hands, in the German version of this sport, athletes use one finger each. Participants choose a finger in advance – someone uses the little fingers, and someone uses the index or middle fingers. Then the opponents sit down at the table, the fingers are tied with a rope, and the winner is the one who manages to pull the opponent to his side of the table. Before the “match”, the opponents must drink beer.

Today, Bavarian arm wrestling is a sports entertainment that is usually held at Oktoberfest. But there is also a world championship in this sport, which takes place in another German city – Ohlstadt. People with the strongest fingers come here every year, who easily do push-ups on one finger or lift heavy weights weighing more than 40 kilograms with one finger.

In ancient times many local disputes and disagreements were resolved with the help of this “sport”. Unfortunately, this game is both fun and traumatic. Often participants in finger wrestling end up in the hospital due to fractures, sprains and dislocations.


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Every year the most powerful people from all over the world come to Scotland. The reason is the national championship of athletes who compete in various national Scottish sports. These competitions are also called “Highland Games “.

Here, weightlifters compete in a variety of challenges. For example, in throwing a huge log. A log is considered standardized, which is 6 meters long and weighs about 80 kilograms.

The goal of the competition is not just to throw the log farther and higher than everyone else, but also to do it right. Specially invited judges score for grace and correctness of execution, watching how a huge log flew.

As is the case with other national sports, log throwing is a very ancient competition. It is generally accepted that those Scots who were good with logs built bridges and other battle fortifications faster than others.


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Neighbors of the Scots from Wales have come up with their own kind of national endurance sport. This is the so-called “Beer Storm”. It is not as ancient as the log throw, but is equally popular with the Welsh and tourists who come to Wales.

The rules of Beer Storm are very simple. It is attended by several athletes who ride bicycles. During the game, each participant makes “pit stops”, during which he must drink a certain amount of alcohol. Then the participant continues to ride the bike.

The winner is the athlete who can drive two-wheeled vehicles longer than others. Of course, there is not much sense in this sport, and the Beer Storm is arranged more for the entertainment of the crowd who watch the drunken cyclists try to continue the race.

Conservative bookmakers do not accept bets on these competitions and they are not broadcasted on TV. Bets are usually accepted on more predictable sports – follow the following link to learn more about the work of bookmakers, but remember that bets can be dangerous for your money and psyche. Do not bet if you cannot afford to lose money or if you are a gambler.


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Finland is a country of harsh winters and boundless swamps. It is not surprising that in addition to skiing, which is considered a national sport, the so-called “swamp football” has also become popular here.

The rules of the game are very similar to regular football, which is the most popular sport in the world, especially considering the number of spectators during the World Cup and the Champions League.

The difference between Finnish football is the field on which two teams of football players compete. Unlike the classic football lawn, which is covered with short artificial or natural grass, the Finnish version of football is played on a muddy puddle field. Moreover, players who participate in swamp football are prohibited from changing clothes and shoes, which become wet and very heavy almost immediately after the start of the match.

Swamp football is not as fast and active as regular football, but the game is very interesting and fun. In addition, the Finns claim that this game is a great way to keep fit if the weather does not allow for a ski race.