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She Wants a Divorce – What Happens Next

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The divorce question is never taken lightly, and when it occurs, all too often the final decision can bring about an uncertain, traumatic reaction for everyone involved. If a wife wants a divorce, what happens next for the husband? This guide will explore that question and cover information on what you should know following a separation.

1. Consult a family law attorney

Attempting to represent yourself in divorce proceedings will often make matters worse for you. The legal system is complex. Having a divorce lawyer on your side will make the process easier for you through negotiations, court appearances and other proceedings that could occur during your divorce.

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2. Keep the peace in the family and try to avoid any disputes

If a wife wants a divorce, always remember that being civil with her is one of the best things you can do and will only benefit you in the end. Try to have as few arguments as possible and not initiate dialogue with her unless an attorney or family member recommends it.

3. Protect important documents

If you are fighting for custody or visitation rights, you must keep all of your important documents safe. When things are heated, there is a chance that documents could be destroyed in an attempt to make them unimportant which means these papers could potentially be lost forever. Keep vital papers safe.

4. Keep a paper trail of your financial information

It is likely that you will have to provide evidence about how much money is coming in and what expenses you have. It can become very difficult to do if you don’t keep records of this information. During the course of a marriage, keep track of all income, expenses and debts that occur.

5. Document your conversations

One of the most important actions you can take following a separation is to document all of your conversations with your wife and any actions that you took that could impact the legal proceedings moving forward.

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6. Do not accept a limited parenting role

If you are fighting for custody or visitation rights, you must never agree to a limited role as a parent, unless that is what you want. Find a family law attorney with experience navigating custody/parenting time to advocate for your parenting goals.

7. Monitor joint accounts

If you are fighting for custody or visitation rights, Your wife may try to withdraw money from certain bank accounts. Try to keep a close eye on any joint accounts that you may have that could potentially be removed by your wife so your divorce attorney can properly account for it in the long run.

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8. Keep a record of everything you spend

If you are going to be fighting for custody or visitation rights, you must document everything that is spent on your children. Keep records of all expenditures from the daycare center, school lunches and all other expenses related to your kids. If necessary, try to obtain receipts for all purchases made on their behalf, such as gifts or clothes.

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9. Know the legal proceedings in your state

You must understand the legal proceedings in your particular state. By becoming educated, you can put yourself in a better position to make decisions that will benefit you and your children moving forward.

10. Understand your wife’s rights

Each state has its laws that govern the legal proceedings during and following a divorce. These rights can vary greatly depending on your state and the details of your marital situation, so it is important that you do your research and find a skilled attorney who know your state’s laws. For any additional assistance, please consider hiring a personal divorce lawyer through Tsakanikas Law Office.

Divorce is not always easy and can come with significant stress. However, by following these suggestions, you can ensure that you will be prepared to navigate the divorce process.