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Care Tips for Setting Up a Rabbit’s Hutch

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Everyone always needs a friend.  It’s not always easy to deal with people. That is why a lot of people choose animals to be their besties. Whether because of loneliness, great love for animals or because of children and their empathy, a pet can be a great choice but also a big step for your family.

Although dogs and cats are the most popular pets among the population, lately they are increasingly deciding to buy rabbits. It’s a quiet friend, it doesn’t require too much attention or walking, so it seems too easy for people to take care of. However, for any pet you decide on, certain living conditions and daughters will be unfavorable for it.

If you have definitely decided to buy a rabbit, it is very important that you know a few things about the place where the rabbit will live. In addition to the fact that it must be comfortable and safe for the rabbit itself, it is necessary to have space and opportunities for mental activities. In order for rabbit hutch to provide optimal living conditions for rabbits, read the tips we have selected for you:

Location for a Rabbit Hutch

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The first question where it can be situated is: should you put the house inside or outside! The answer to this question depends on the climatic conditions of the place where you live. Although every animal, including rabbits, loves fresh air, if it is very cold or too hot in your area, consider the option of having your new rabbit live inside. If the climate is very changeable, it is important to protect your rabbit from external conditions.

If you have analyzed and got the impression that it is best for the rabbit to live inside, you have to pay attention to a few details here again. Rabbits are animals that are very sensitive to stress. It is in their nature to be constantly alert and quite nervous, so noise and constant happening can upset them greatly.

However, this does not mean that you should absolutely isolate the rabbit. They are very sociable and love to make new friends. Loneliness can be as fatal as stress. It is part of your family, so gradually and slowly introduce him into your daily routine.

Give Them Activities

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No matter how much you will or have already accepted the rabbit as a family member, nurture it and work hard, you must be aware that they and you do not have the same aspirations and instincts. What the rabbit loves most is grass. So, if the rabbit lives inside, make sure you take it outside regularly.

However, take care that the space where the rabbit can fight is fenced, but also protected from digging. The safety of your rabbit comes first. If the rabbit lives outside, the same thing again. Allow him to jump and run on the grass, but make sure he can’t dig underground tunnels, or you’ll lose him. It would be best to prevent the rabbit from accessing the path on which it can run during the day.

Take Care: No Wire Mesh at the Foot of the Rabbit House

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They are known as good runners and jumpers. However, what you need to know is that rabbit paws are very sensitive. If you catch a wire construction or net on the floor of your bunny house, you can unknowingly endanger it. Pelvic infections and injuries of the hind paws are very common in this case. Instead of wire, we suggest a wooden construction that is definitely more natural for your friend.