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Nail the Season 4 of Shadowlands with the WowVendor Fated Raids Guide

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We all know that everything new is just well-forgotten old. Apparently, this principle works well in the gaming industry as well. As you can face a fascinating turn in the development of Season 4 in Shadowlands universe with the introduction of the system of the fated raids. That means that there are no new raids in the Season 4, but the well-known raids will rotate every week and there will be only one raid per week. WowVendor team has prepared a concise Fated Raids guide for those of you who want to get the maximum joy fighting the bosses and collecting some fancy loots.

When returning, the raids will offer higher levels of difficulty, better loot opportunities, and also a new raid affix. While a raid becomes Fated during the week, its difficulty increases and a higher ilvl is dropped to compensate the damage.

What Are the Challenges of the Season 4 and the Fated Raids?

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Shadowlands Season 4 is certainly worth going over due to the changes in the PTR and mechanics and more opportunities to purchase the gear you’ve always desired. Basically, all these three WoW Season 4 Shadowlands raids such as Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Sepulcher of the First Ones have become relevant again. So, one of the raids will be marked as fated every week. That means that every boss will have an additional mechanic and will be dropping higher ilvls once you defeat it.

By checking the icon in the top right of the designated portrait in the dungeon journal, you can see, for example, that it is Sepulcher this week. Even if a raid is already fated, you still can run it on every difficulty level. And on any difficulty, you can count on an increasingly higher reward. In terms of item level loot, you can receive 265-272 item level for Fated Finder, 278-285 item level loots for surviving Fated Normal difficulty raid, 291-297 defeating bosses in Fated Heroic, and 304-311 item level for WoW Mythic. You can join only one Fated difficulty, and the other two are available with common difficulty.

Those look too good to be true, don’t they? Apparently, before you can grab some Fated Raids loot, you need to defeat each boss each week. And bosses have only one affix active on them, meaning you’ll only ever have to deal with one additional mechanic.

In Season 4, the mechanic is a fated power that you can use to progress. The effects have been changed throughout the PTR and, generally speaking, the Raids’ affix is similar to the Mythic+ dungeon.

1. Affix of the Fated Raids

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The affix system remains the same whenever you have to fight a boss at Fated Castle Nathria or Fated Sanctum of Domination or Sepulcher. Let’s take a closer look at each affix and find out how the mechanics play out in a boss encounter:

  1. Fated Power: Creation Spark. This Power targets two random players and charges them with a Creation Spark. It can also increase the sizes of their characters, but also inflicts stacking damage to them. Every second for 30 seconds, players will have a damage-over-time effect. When the DoT effect expires, there are three small white rings nearby to the dispelled player, and all the other players need to run into the ring. The stacking buff of Creation Sparks can grant a player some improvement in the casting, movement, or attack speed.
  2. Fated Power: Chaotic Essence. A Chaotic Essence will spawn a friendly chaotic essence at intervals during the boss encounter until you interact with it. After the interaction, you will have to fight as many as possible of the Chaotic Motes to get a stacking buff to the damage to your group. It also absorbs buff for 25 seconds, and this affects stacks for every chaotic moat. This affix fits well with most of the boss encounters, and in most cases, one player can interact with the essence after it spawns to activate it. Don’t miss your chance to grab all the fancy loot along the way!
  3. Fated Power: Protoform Barrier. With this affix, the boss will get temporarily a damage absorption shield and deal wide damage every 3 seconds before it is dispelled. Then, an enemy spawns an absorb shield on the boss and any other extra enemies in the fight. If you manage to break the barrier, you will get all the damage brought directly back to the enemies, giving you a 25% bonus damage alongside the 40 seconds of healing.
  4. Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter. This affix will spawn an emitter that will continuously cast and remain immune to any damage until it is interrupted. Then, instead of this cast, there will occur a smaller pulse of damage. For the first time, while the emitter is active, it will gain energy. If you manage to leave the enemy for as long as possible, for example, until it reaches 100 energy, your group will receive the biggest possible buff once the enemy is defeated.

2. Purchase the Best Fated Raids Gear with the Puzzling Cartel Dinar

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You can start earning Puzzling Cartel Dinars once you enter your first Raid and defeat the Fated boss. Once you defeat the bosses on some difficulty level, the other difficulty level won’t count for the current week. Earning the Puzzling Cartel Dinar is a three-part quest where you will be required to kill fewer bosses to complete the quest. That means you can only obtain 3 Dinar throughout the season. That is why we suggest considering wisely what gear you want to spend your Dinar on.


Fated Raids allow getting a new perspective of the raids that are already well-known to you and experience the content in various expansions. Luckily, this concise guide to the Fated Raids of the Season 4 Shadowlands will help you enjoy your favorite game even more. And if you need help with getting some proper Fated boost, WowVendor gaming experts are all always here for you.