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What is the Best Strategy for Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss in WoW?

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Every World of Warcraft expansion pack launched since the first installment has provided the players with a ton of additional content. Some believe that these expansion packs are one of the major reasons why this franchise is still widely popular, after almost two decades after its initial release, in 2003.

Without any doubt, raids make a significant chunk of the content each of these expansions provides. So, there’s absolutely no reason why the latest one, Shadowlands, should be an exception to this rule. We are talking about an expansion pack that has three completely new raids.

One of them is known as “Sepulcher of the First Ones”. As is the case with practically any raid, it has many interesting enemies to beat, items to collect, and most importantly, bosses to face. Let’s talk about how to beat the boss in this raid.

How to Start This Raid?

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Since “Sepulcher of the First Ones” is a raid that can be unlocked only through having patch 9.2, there’s you can start it without having this patch. It needs to be said that players can play this raid only in two difficulties, normal and heroic. The first eight bosses can be battled under these circumstances.

The final boss, known as Jailer, will represent much more of a challenge. To enter this raid, your character will need to visit the part of the world known as Zereth Mortis. But first, it is important to visit the pilgrim’s grace, where you can converse with an NPC, that will let you start this raid.

Of course, make sure your inventory is filled with all the crucial items like health and mana potions. If you have some other items that are crucial to your style of playing, be sure to bring enough of them. In case you need some additional help, consider purchasing a WoW Boost.

Fight Against Jailer

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The Jailer is the final boss of the “Sepulcher of the First Ones” raid. We are talking about an eternal one, who is the ruler of land known as Maw. We are talking about a powerful humanoid creature. As you can presume, this boss is really powerful, and not facing it prepared will be your demise.

When we’re talking about the best strategy to use in this fight, we would say that summoning as much spawn as possible is your best bet. The reason is that the boss will also do it, and being preoccupied with them can prevent you from focusing on the main target, the jailer.

Furthermore, we can see that having at least one healer in your crew is an absolute must. The Jailer is powerful, and he can inflict irreplaceable damage in two or three hits. With that in mind, it is no surprise that having someone to heal the crew constantly should be an absolute must.


Since we’re talking about a rather new raid, maybe there are more effective strategies to try out. Still, we believe that this one is a sure shot.