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6 Ways to Save Plumbing Money During a Home Renovation

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When remodeling a home, you should also consider renovating the plumbing system. The plumbing could be expensive, so you should consider hiring a contractor to fix all issues.

However, you don’t have to stick to the fixed prices; you could cut costs by following these tips.

Schedule the Plumbing Renovation Beforehand

Scheduling your plumbing renovation beforehand will cost less than hiring plumbing services in an emergency. With planned plumbing renovations, you will be able to achieve your plumbing goals or get better results

Reaching out to your plumber weeks before the remodeling will give them enough time to determine the project’s needs. They can also evaluate the renovation project and offer you cheaper plumbing solutions.

1. Confine your Plumbing Contractor to Plumbing Project only

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When you let your plumber do other tasks, they will charge you more for extra services. They will charge extra to tear walls and floors to lay pipes or move heavy furniture to plumbing fixtures.

Clear all plumbing lines that tear floors and walls before your contractor arrives to save costs. They will fix the plumbing issues, only cutting you the extra charges they might charge you.

2. Use the Original Plumbing Footprint

Instead of creating a new plumbing layout, stick to the first plumbing footprint for your home. The new design may cost you more, so stick to the drains, supply lines, and other large plumbing lines like sewer pipes.

By maintaining the original position of the plumbing features like the shower, sinks, and dishwashers, you will save more cost than revising the plumbing layout.

3. You can do DIY Plumbing Remodeling

You can do DIY remodeling projects to save the cost of plumbing renovations. It can save a lot on labor costs because you only need money to buy materials. Hire plumbers when you have a task that requires professional plumbing services.

4. Use PEX Piles Instead of Copper Pipes

If you’re considering a DIY remodeling plumbing project, use PEX pipes because they are easy to cut and bend. They are also easy to fit with push-fit fittings. Additionally, these polythene pipes are cheaper than copper tubes.

Using PEX pipes will reduce the costs of your project. However, if your plumber prefers using copper piping, you may ask them whether they can use the PEX pipe since they are more affordable, saving your project cost.

5. Consider Crimp Fit-fittings over Push Fit

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Push fitting seems more convenient since they don’t require extra tools to hold the two pipes together. Although crimps fittings need tools to tighten copper rings, they are more cost-friendly than push-fit fittings.

6. Refinish your Plumbing Fixtures Instead of Replacing them with New

Replacing plumbing fixtures may sometimes add cost to your remodeling project. Additionally, the demolition may add additional charges to your reconstruction.

That’s why you should identify fittings that need replacement and fix it. If you want to add aesthetic value to your fixture, consider refinishing rather than replacing it. For example, you can refinish bathtubs and sinks by adding an attractive coating instead of remodeling them.


Plumbing remodeling is essential when you’re doing home renovation. And since home revamping can be expensive, you should consider options that can save the project’s cost.