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How to Remove Scratches From Marble Counter

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When it comes to maintaining the kitchen equipment that you have got, it doesn’t mean that only the appliances are important, you also have to take care of the wooden elements, and the stone counters as well.

They can be damaged easily with the time using them so if you have placed one recently, you should make sure that you take great care of them so they last longer, and they look great for an extended period. That means that except for the other things, you should stop using sharp things directly on them, so you will need something like a surface when you are doing that to avoid direct exposure to the knives.

However, if you have set up one in the past, and it is still in relatively good shape but the only problem is that you have damaged the marble counter on the top, you will have to find ways to get rid of those scratches. You can definitely get rid of them if they are small, but if you have made bigger grooves, you will need to apply a special finish on top of it to fill that gap and remain a smooth surface.

In this article, we will talk about what you should do to remove the scratches that were made on the top of your marble counter.

Prepare everything

Before you do any of the methods that are in this article, you should prepare the top of the counter well so you can do a good job, and avoid stains to stick to it forever. Firstly, you will have to make sure that there are no particles left on in whether from food or something else, so you should make that you swipe it well.

After that, you should use a cleaning solution that has a weak effect because you need it to be clean from dust and to remove any stain that may be on top of it. After you have cleaned the surface, you need to dry it off using a towel, or something similar so you can start your work next on a clean area.

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Use wax

This is the first method, and it is meant to be used only when the damages on the top are little and the grooves are not deep. After making sure that it is cleaned well, you should use special waxes that are made for marble tops. These products are made to fill the small gap that is made with the mechanical damaging using a sharp object on top of it.

You apply the wax and it should hide these grooves well, leaving you with a counter that looks clean and without any scratches. That is why the first thing that you should do when you notice tiny marks is to polish the whole top to see if they will cover the damages.

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Implement the powder technique

This is a more advanced technique and it is used by people who have done this many times, however, you should be able to do this on your own because it is not that complicated. This method is meant to be used in situations where the scratches are deeper, and that cannot be masked with the previous technique.

To perform this, you will need a couple of things before that. Firstly, you will need water, some paper towels, or cotton circles, and most importantly the powder that is used to fill them up. After getting everything prepared, you should put a small amount of that dust to the surface, and apply water but just a small amount because you can add more if you need whenever you want.

After combining the dust and the water together, using a cotton or paper circle you should move that mass in a spinning motion to fill the gaps up. If you need more than that, you can make another mix of the two and continue to do that. After filling everything up, you should make sure that you clean that powder from the top because when it dries it is really hard to do that.

Of course, if you are lacking the tools and products to execute this kind of marble restoration and sealing, it is probably best to hire professionals to do it for you.

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Sand the whole area

This is another technique that is used for the same purpose as above, and with additional use for situations where the marble is destroyed in multiple places so you will have to work on the whole surface. As any of the ones stated above, you will need to clean the top before you start doing this. For this method, you will need something to sand with, whether a paper or a whole machine that spins with a pad on it for faster results.

To begin, you should apply something to drive the paper or the machine on so they don’t scratch the top even more. The easiest thing to do, since many people are using that is just regular water. That way, you will not have to worry about things heating up, and scratching even more because there is no direct exposure but it has a medium between them.

You should work on the whole surface, so you can see that everything that was damaged is gone. That can last a while because you will need to switch the types of sanding medium a couple of times and go through the whole top every time. This is important to come up with a result that will make your counter look like a new one.

After finishing with the machine, or manually, you should apply a layer of liquid that will make the whole top shine, and that will protect the marble from damaging again in the future.

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Make sure that you don’t have to do this again

Since you were not careful enough when you got it in the first place, and you had to go through this to make it look better, you should make sure that you protect it in the future to avoid doing this again. That means that you should stop using sharp objects directly on it, so forget about cutting things as you did in the past. Also, when you make a mess, wipe down everything quickly to prevent staining because you will have to rub that off with a wire sponge or something similar and ruin the work that you have done previously.