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Top 15 Quick Questions to Ask Your Electrical Technician – 2024 Guide

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When hiring an electrical technician, you want someone knowledgeable and experienced. You also need a person with the right attitude for your home or business. Finding such a technician is not as easy as you think but fortunately, it’s not impossible. To learn more, click here.

All you have to do is to interview them by asking several questions and then gauging their response. Some of the important questions that the MR Glow electrical technician in question must respond to before being considered fit for hire include:

1. How long They Done Electrical Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

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This will help determine if they are qualified enough to handle any electrical job at hand. If he/she has been doing this for years, chances are good that he/she knows what he/she is talking about. However, if they just started recently, be careful because there might be some things that they don’t know yet.

Note: This does not mean newbies aren’t good at handling your tasks. Instead, it means that they are not of equal caliber with those who have been in the business.

2. What Are Their Qualifications?

You should ask how many years of experience the electrician has. Find out if he/she has attended any training courses related to electrical work. This way you can gauge whether or not his/her knowledge of electricity is supported.

It would be best if he/she had taken classes from reputable institutions. Such training institutes offer certification programs that ensure that all technicians meet certain standards before dealing with electrical issues.

3. Do They Have Insurance?

Insurance protects both parties involved during the project. In case something goes wrong, insurance ensures that the homeowner gets compensated while the contractor doesn’t get sued. So make sure that the electrician you choose carries proper liability coverage. That way you will both enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything will go smoothly!

4. Can I See References?

References are very helpful when choosing an electrician. A reference letter written by previous clients gives your insight into the quality of service provided by the electrician. If you receive many references, well and good.

5. Will they Be Available When Needed?

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Another question you should ask your electrician before hiring is whether they will be available as you need them. Asking this question is important as it will help you know whether you are working with reliable technicians or not.

In this case, reliable ones will be readily available whenever you have electrical concerns. Don’t work with people who can’t offer you quick emergency services!

6. Do they offer a Guarantee?

As an assurance of quality work, most companies provide a guarantee. They guarantee that once hired, they will do quality work in the first run-through. And if they fail, they will come back again and fix anything that went wrong within a specified period. Make sure that the electricians you’re considering offer agree to this.

7. Does He/She Offer Any Discounts?

If you want to save money, consider getting discounts from professional electrical engineers. You may find one near you online. Or even call up local businesses offering such deals. When hiring, it is worth looking around for cheaper but superior options.

8. How Much Does He/She Charge Per Hour?

The last thing you want is to pay too much for their services. Therefore, try asking him/her how much they charge either per hour or per project. Remember that every company charges differently so engage as many as possible. Your main aim is to find affordable but reliable electrical services.

9. Why do they think they are the best electricians for the task

This is another good question to ask your potential electrician. It helps you understand what makes them special. For example, some might say that they specialize in residential projects only whereas others claim expertise in commercial jobs. Some might also mention that they are licensed professionals while others don’t. Whatever answer you get, make sure you gauge it correctly before assigning the tasks.

10. Are they Licensed?

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In most states, the government has a strict requirement that all electrical technicians be licensed before being allowed to work. In strict adherence with this, make sure you see their license before hiring. Remember both of you will not be spared in case you work with an unlicensed technician who causes electrical accidents e.g. fire.

11. Do You Have the Right Electrical Tool and Equipment

You must ensure that your chosen electrician possesses the right tools and equipment needed to complete any job. This includes things like circuit breaker boxes, extension cords, wire strippers, etc. If he doesn’t have these items on hand then there could be problems dealing with electricity. Make sure you check their toolbox before signing off on the deal.

12. Will your Repair Solve my Electrical issues Permanently?

When assigning an electrician, make sure you understand clearly what they are going to do to your wiring system. For one, you don’t want them to add more issues and secondly, you don’t want them to manage the current issue shoddily. Get to know whether your concerns will be managed in a manner that won’t recur.

13. Will his/her work affect my Electricity Supply?

When hiring electrical engineers, explain to them the problem you want to be sorted and let them assess it. Once they’ve assessed it, ask them how they will go on and handle it if given the chance. Amid this point ask them whether your power supply will be interrupted and if yes for how long? The reason for doing this is to avoid inconveniences that may arise.

14. Can you see their Portfolio?

It would help a lot if you can view their portfolio. This way you’ll be able to assess their experience level and skill set. Also, you’d be able to tell whether they’re qualified enough to take care of your needs.

15. When they operate while electricity is on

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If you hire someone to fix your home’s electrical systems, make sure they aren’t working when electricity is still running through the house. There are chances that they might cause damage by touching live wires.


Hiring an experienced MR Glow professional is always better than getting cheap labor from local stores or even friends. However, it isn’t easy to find such people since many of us lack knowledge about the hiring process. To make it easy for you, we suggest you follow our tips above to choose the best person for the task at hand. Good luck!