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3 Flavors You Can Add To Mask The Distinctive Flavor Of CBD Oil

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People are getting more interested in various cannabis products. The reason is that there are many proofs of health benefits that we can have from daily consumption. That is especially related to oil, and the biggest advantage is that it won’t cause the famous high effect. Instead of that, it will improve your focus, lower your blood pressure, and help you feel more relaxed without the risk of facing any side effects if you are paying attention to proper dosage.

Moreover, we have to mention the benefits that this product can have for people who are suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and more. However, it is important to choose a well-known store when you are buying and be sure that it is produced on an organic farm. You should check some of the best CBD for sleep on the market.

The biggest issue a lot of people have with this oil is related to taste. Having that oily feeling in the mouth is not the best option for everyone. The great thing is that there are many alternatives like pills, edibles, or products like vapes, blunts, and more. Still, taking pure oil provides the most benefits.  If you have issues with taking the pure oil, some excellent solutions will help you improve the taste.

1. Oils With Additional Extracts

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One of the easiest ways to deal with issues related to where you find it unpleasant to consume the plain oil is to buy a product that is mixed with some other flavors. The great thing is that many producers are aware of what people are looking for and how it can be a problem for them to consume the basic tincture.

There is a wide selection of products with additional flavors. The great thing is that none of these extracts is not affecting the main effects of CBD. Therefore, it is only up to your preferences when it comes to the right choice. Some of the most popular aromas are chocolate, mint, mango, various sweets, peach, lime, cinnamon, and more.

Instead of focusing on the taste, it is crucial to first check the company that is producing and selling this product. As we already mentioned, the most important thing is to consume the oil that is made on organic farms without the use of any pesticides and other chemicals. Another problem can be when producers are adding these extracts since they have to be pure and organic as well.

2. Mix It With Honey

It can become a healthy routine each morning. For example, if you prefer drinking coffee or tea, having a spoon of honey with it can lead to many health benefits. It is proven that an intake of honey in the morning can help you regulate your blood sugar during the day. It is an even better combination with CBD since you will have some other health benefits as well.

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is to take a spoon of honey and put some oil over it. When you consume it, you won’t feel the oily taste at all. Also, since honey contains a lot of sugar, the will need less time for the CBD to reach your bloodstream.

3. Prepare a Snack or a Soft Drink

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If you already bought standard oil, you don’t need to spend more money by getting another one with an extract since you can easily solve the problem related to the taste. First of all, the best way when you are taking the oil is to place it in your mouth by avoiding the tongue. The reason is that all the taste receptors are placed on the tongue, which is the main reason why some people find it so unpleasant.

Therefore, place the oil under the tongue, and then take a snack, cookie, or some drink to mix it with oil directly in your mouth. This is the easiest solution as well. Also you have to know that products with added aromas can be more expensive, which means that it is cheaper this way as well.

Besides snacks and drinks, yoghurt can also be a great choice. Since it already has a lot of fats, you won’t even notice that you combined an oil with it. In that matter, the consumption can become a part of your morning routine during breakfast.

You Can Always Try Some Alternative

In case that these solutions are not helping, and you still find it unpleasant since you feel the oily taste in your mouth, the best solution is to look for some alternative. Luckily, there are many options available as well. The first thing that we are going to mention are edibles. These tasty snacks represent a perfect solution for those who want to secure the daily intake of cannabinoid, but have a more delicate taste.

There is also a much easier way to consume it, which is by taking the pills. This option is especially good if you are traveling or you want to take this product outside of your home. Another benefit is that it will be much easier to control the right intake. It is common that people are making a mistake by taking too much oil or edibles. The resistance will come with time, but beginners could face some higher effects from it.

There is also a very popular solution, which is smoking or vaping. Smoking blunts was the most popular method for a very long time. However, keep in mind that there could be some side-effects similar to smoking if you are using this option all the time. The same is for vaping.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it all depends on your taste and preferences. The best solution for taking CBD is by consuming the oil. However, a lot of people find it unpleasant when they have to taste the oil. If you have a more delicate taste, the best solution is to try with some of the alternatives we have mentioned here.