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4 Elements to Consider When Purchasing a Leaf Blower

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A leaf blower is more often than not a staple when you live in a house, surrounded by nature & different kinds of trees & leaves. You probably know how messy the situation can get once you forget to clean your backyard?! In case you don’t have the perfect leaf blower just yet, now is the right time to consider getting it. It will keep your space looking tidy & dirt-free! However, how to know which kind and product to go for? Keep on reading as we discuss some of the most important elements when it comes to buying a new leaf blower.

4 elements to consider when purchasing a leaf blower

1. All the different kinds of blowers

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Each item is designed with specific features, all used for optimal performance. Some items are better and different from others, varying in their size, speed, strength & practically. Also, some are way louder than others. Here are your options to choose from:

A) Handheld leaf blower

If you need and like practicality & lightweight tools, this is perfect. This item will come in handy for a smaller lawn. It might not be the best choice for large debris & heavy-duty work, so heads up.

B) Backpack kind

This is the blower that true players tend to go for, most adore it due to its size & energetic power. You can use it in garages as well as when dealing with stubborn leaves, pebbles, etc.

C) Walk-behind model

If you are looking for something bigger & larger with high-quality & promising features, you’re going to like this. Any type of garbage that’s on the ground will easily be taken care of.

2. Key elements to consider when buying a leaf blower

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A) Power

Power is important with every tool, and finding the perfect performance may be tricky. Look into the CFM & MPH features. CFM is the volume of air that flows, while MPH will determine its speed. You should mix the two and get the best of both worlds when it comes to its performance. You can’t solely focus on just one feature to get an optimal tool.

B) Battery power

Battery-powered is a great tool for first-time owners & users. It is super convenient & user-friendly, and you can use it since it runs on existing batteries for other tools. However, you might dislike its limited run time, especially if you’re working with a larger space and more surface, which is naturally a lot more demanding.

C) Corded or not

Do you want a corded tool or not? It is a good go-to since it doesn’t make you hassle with oil change & maintenance. It is practical & handy, as long as it doesn’t get caught into something around your home, causing it to unplug. Go for a longer cord in this case.

D) Gas model

Gas and oil blowers can be intimidating for some people. This is because you need to have the right knowledge about how much oil and gas you can use. Oil is used for lubrication, and it can take some time for you to understand how to mix the bunch to get it going. Heads up since this model is loud, and its prices do change based on the market’s value.

3. How to know which one you need?

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Every leaf blower has its drawbacks and advantages. Where do you plan on using your model?

A) Are you working with a small room and small cleaning tasks?

If you work and live in a tight and limited space, you’re going to like the power of a handheld leaf blower. It may be a weaker model, but it can do most of your small at-home and around-the-house tasks.

B) Are you handling some medium & large jobs?

A larger backyard will demand that you use a backpack model. Thanks to its mobility and comfort + easy wear, most people will tidy up their home within minutes. Clear any heavy snow & leaves off the sidewalk.

C) Do you need to take care of larger professional tasks?

This is where you’re going to like a behind-leaf blower. It helps with any given situation & corner while clearing away your yard and getting rid of animals that are stuck on the roof. If you have big-duty work often, give this one a go.

4. What to do to maintain your leaf blower?

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In case you stop using your leaf blower when the winter comes (as most people tend to do), make sure that you store it and maintain it properly in your garage. Make sure that you know how to place it and take care by following these steps:

Step 1: you should empty the fuel tank the best you can. The fuel stabilizer will give longevity when left in the leaf blower.

Step 2: once the stabilized fuel is in the engine it will coat the motor. Run it for two minutes or so.

Step 3: restart the blower and you will get rid of any previously poured fuel. Just one press of a button will do the job.

Step 4: shake it and choke the engine to get rid of any drops left. Do not be too violent if it is an older model that takes some time & configuration.

Where to get the best leaf blower?

Now that you know what to look for, are you ready to find your new ideal go-to model? Anyone who is in the need of a backpack leaf blower will easily find their ideal power tool. Schroder introduces the best and innovative backpack leaf blower. You now can enjoy hassle-free and quick lawn maintenance. It is a model that is designed by experts who know what you need at any given point. Made with high-quality materials and with a powerful 3.7HP power rating, you also get the 920 CFM and 230 MPH airspeed for your handy work around the home.