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10 Reasons Disposable Vapes Are Great for Smokers

Vaping can no longer be considered a novelty addition to the consumer market. It has been around for well over a decade and it is an industry on its own right now. The interest is still growing however as new types of vaping products, both the gadgets and the oils, appear every year. There has never been a better time to get in on the fun so in this article we will talk about it more. Among the people who are avid vapers are many smokers and former smokers who have realized vaping is a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.

As a matter of fact, disposable vapes have a lot of advantages and are great for smokers. Keep reading to learn about 10 main reasons why disposable vapes are great for smokers, both those who want to quit and the ones looking for another type of product. Check out vapingvibe.com to browse a great collection of disposable vape products.

1. Cheaper than Smoking

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If you want to save money in the long term, and lots of it for that matter, you should know that vaping is much cheaper than regular smoking. The only expense you will really feel is the initial purchase of the vape pen. The actual oil that you will be using for the inhaling is cheaper when you look at annual spending than what you give for cigarettes. Tobacco product prices have gone up in recent years with a single packet of cigarettes now costing anywhere from $10 to $15. This means you could spend between $3,000 and $5,000 per year on average if you smoke one pack a day. Vaping is far less expensive and its price will never increase like tobacco prices do.

2. Healthier than Cigarettes

Although no products that involve inhaling smoke that resulted from burning a substance is really healthy for the lungs, vaping with e-cigarettes is healthier than cigarettes by as much as 95%. This has been confirmed by numerous studies and assessments of published data regarding emissions and cancer risks. The potential for developing cancer from vaping are incomparably less than from smoking. Again, this is not to say that disposable vapes or any other vaping products are actually good for the body. They are however a much better solution if you want to inhale something but care for yourself in the process.

3. Good for Cutting Down

The feeling consumers get from vaping is quite similar to the regular smoking experience. The hand motions are the same, the whole practice is largely the same, even the burning sensation in the throat is there. Still, there is no tobacco to be burned meaning there is no tobacco addiction to be developed. For those looking to quit, it is enough to cut back on cigarettes and start smoking less. More and more smokers want to smoke fewer cigarettes during a single day and the easiest way to do it is to start using vapes.

4. Great Help for Quitting

If you want to take it a step further and completely stop smoking, disposable vapes are again the best solution you have. Sticking to your decision to slowly but surely start cutting back on cigarettes will eventually lead to a full day without lighting a cigarette. If you persevere for long enough and make it through a whole week, the rest should come as a breeze and you will quit consuming cigarettes for good.

5. Cleaner

Smoking is quite a dirty habit too because of the ash that is left after every cigarette you smoke. Ash gets everywhere, it is very light so it flies all over. Often times you will find it on your clothes, in your car, and around the house even though you already cleaned and vacuumed. There are no such issues with vaping because there is no residue, only smoke.

6. No Smell

Speaking of smoke, cigarettes leave a very smelly smoke that gets into literally everything. There is no fabric that cannot absorb the smoke, which makes you smell of cigarettes even when you have not smoked that day. Homes, cars, and clothes of smokers always smell and they basically have an invisible bubble/aura surrounding them. Even their fingers and hair tend to absorb it. On the other hand, the thick smoke from disposable vapes has pleasant smell and it does not get into things. Cigarettes smell so much that even the smokers hate them for it.

7. Numerous Flavors

Another benefit of vapes and the reason why they are good for smokers looking for more is the astonishing number of flavors. From fruity and chocolaty to neutral and floral, there are countless combinations of tastes that leave pleasantly smelling smoke behind. Not only will you not smell of tobacco, but you will enjoy many fresh notes and pleasant aftertastes in your mouth.

8. More Socially Acceptable

Vaping is still young in the sense that there are no laws and regulations like there are for smoking. Many cafes, restaurants, and other closed areas ban smoking or at least have separate rooms for smokers. Vaping is not so frowned upon because it is more socially acceptable. The lack of smell and ash have to do a lot with that, but also the general vibe of vapes in comparison to cigarettes. There is also no use of fire meaning the environment is safer.

9. More Intricate

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A big problem with smoking is the fact that it is a hassle to do. The pack itself is really the size of a wallet or a smartphone, and you must carry a lighter or a box of matches with you constantly. When you are lighting it up, the wind can be a problem, you may need to borrow the light, and you have to step outside. Vape pens are smaller, more delicate and intricate, and there is no hassle. All you have to do is press a button and inhale.

10. No Need to Finish It at Once

Smokers know that having to finish the cigarette when smoking is not always possible. Often times there is no time to enjoy it fully or to finish it before you have to continue doing something else. There is no such pressure with disposable vapes. Despite not needing charging and being disposed of when empty, you still get a few hundred puffs from them. You can take one or two now and a few more in a couple of hours. No need to consume the entire thing at once!