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Can The Bad Weather Affect The Liability In A Car Accident?

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According to the study, it has been confirmed that 21% of car accidents happen during bad weather in the U.S. Honestly speaking driving is hazardous during normal weather and needs full attention as accidents can happen at any time. Though as compared to normal weather, bad weather drastically increases the risk. Driving during rain, snow or storm makes it tough to maintain control over the car as it makes the surface slippery and affects the visibility. That’s why it is always better to stay at home during bad weather except in emergencies.

However, bad weather affects the liability in a car accident. After a car accident, it is quite difficult to finalize who was responsible for the accident, whether bad season or the third person. It is tough to claim compensation from the at-fault driver. Therefore, if you think that the accident happened due to the negligence of a third party then you should hire a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyer will study the case and guide you legally. And will help you to claim compensation.

Some Reasons That Driving Is Not Safe During Bad Weather

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Driving during bad weather is unsafe and challenging due to some reasons. Here are those

Poor visibility

Bad weather decreases visibility. During heavy rains, snow or wind storms it becomes difficult to see the distance between the cars. It becomes hard to see the other hazards as well.


Hydroplaning is the loss of traction due to wet roads. The car wheels become slippery and it becomes hard to control them. Most accidents happen due to hydroplaning.


It is difficult to maintain speed on wet roads. Therefore, drivers should drive slowly but most do not slow down their speed and this can result in a collision with another car.

Who Is Responsible For The Car Accident During Bad Weather?

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It depends on the situation.

  • If the roads were wet due to heavy rain or it was a continuous snowfall and the driver was also driving slowly but he loses control over the car. His car starts slipping on the wet road and hits the other car with speed. In this situation, somehow he is not responsible for the accident.
  • But if there was heavy rain or snowfall for some days then why didn’t the driver use the snow tires? It was probably his mistake. He should have used the snow tires to avoid the traction.
  • And if the at-fault driver was driving at full speed or he was drunk or maybe he used a cell phone and got distracted then it is the driver’s fault.

However, if you think that driver is responsible for the accident then you have to prove his mistake to claim compensation.

Importance Of Hiring A lawyer

It is difficult to handle a car accident case all alone. Even insurance companies do not agree with your statements without evidence or want you to settle on a low amount. Therefore, taking legal help is necessary if you want to get compensation for all the losses you have faced.

Hiring a lawyer will make you relax as they know how to handle these cases. Your lawyer will examine and analyze the whole situation and he will check the tires, brakes, wipers and headlights and collect other evidence to make your case strong.

Safety Tips For Driving During Bad Weather

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Safety tips during bad weather will help you to save your and others’ lives.

Driver slowly

Slow driving helps you to maintain control over your car. This can decrease the risk of accidents.

Maintain space between cars

During bad weather conditions, we should maintain double space between the cars. The wet roads slow down the brake time and space between the cars helps to avoid colliding with another car.

Make sure your car equipment is working properly

Before leaving, you should check if the tires, brakes and wipers are working properly or not.

Use headlights during fog

It is a must to use the headlights during the fog to avoid accidents. Fog decreases visibility. Therefore, headlights will help you to see another car.

Wear seat belts

Wearing seat belts decreases the risk of injury.

Listen to the radio

During bad weather, you should listen to the radio for updates. You can get guidance for different clear routes to drive safely.

Wrapping Up

Car accidents give a terrible experience whatever the weather may be. However, it is our responsibility to take all the precautionary steps to avoid accidents. No doubt bad weather increases the chances of the accident but if you believe that your car accident happened due to the negligence of the at-fault driver. As the result you have gone through severe injuries along with property damage and financial loss then you can hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will help you protect your rights.