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5 Reasons You Should Solve Riddles

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Riddles are no doubt interesting activities that people of several ages can engage in. However, one thing is to engage in a fun activity. Another is to benefit from the same activity.

People have worried for ages whether there are any benefits that anyone who engages in riddles could benefit. In today’s post, we will take a look at this topic.

Some of the reasons put forward in this article might be obvious, but many people just do not fully grasp how many cognitive abilities this ridiculously easy activity can develop.

1. Mental Exercise

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Riddles are great activities for keeping one’s mind and mental state active and healthy. They help you get engaged in a mental simulation that requires you to think deep and concentrate on getting things right.

Beyond being active, riddles also help you understand how great it is to be patient. Rather than being fast to speak, riddles ensure that you listen to your answers before speaking out.

Generally, an active mind equals reduced stress levels and fatigue. All these are a great plus for just anyone.

2. It Motivates You to Read Wide

Since riddles enhance such skills as critical thinking, concentration, research, and high cognitive abilities, it becomes very obvious that you need to develop yourself and invest so much in reading wide.

Although a fun activity to use one’s time wisely, riddles will also inspire you to stay abreast of current affairs, political headlines, and international events. Riddle: I have lakes with no water, mountains with no store, and cities with no buildings. What am I? Answer: Map Check out interesting riddles here.

3. Meditation

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You are not likely to have ready answers for riddles. It makes you think very deep and broad at the same time. It helps you relax your brain cells while you make decisions on what answers best fit the situation being described.

In this scenario, you will have a trace-like experience where you are totally deaf to external happenings and can only think about the present situation put before you.

4. Increased Cognitive Ability

Most times, you do not have a premeditated answer to the riddle. As such, you are being tasked to think deeply about the riddle. If you do not think about the riddle looking at different angles to what could be the best answer, you are likely to have no clue whatsoever as regards the riddle.

In this manner, consistently practicing riddles will have a direct correlation with improved cognition. This would invariably lead to getting more answers to the riddles as you progress.

5. Concentration

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As we have noted earlier, riddles create a trance-like environment where you are totally deaf to outside events and can only focus on the task being presented before you. As a result of this, you have to be focused and all in on finding the right answers and putting the pieces together.

The players already know that lack of concentration only leads to losing. If this habit is honed in the game, it can extend to one’s real-life objectives. The ability to focus while engaging in riddles can be extended to one’s physical activities.