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How Link Spam Affects Your SEO Negatively & How to Fix it

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High ranking on Google is the main goal of all website owners. Everyone wants to have as many visits as possible, in order to make more conversions and profits. Don’t get us wrong – this is completely normal. However, there are other ways to achieve the same goal that does not involve an organic approach to marketing. Some of them include the use of link spam. This approach has a goal to manipulate PageRank so it ranks the website higher than it normally would. And the ugly truth is that they simply do not play by the rules.

Some bad SEO agencies may try to apply this to your website as well, so you will find yourself in a very undesirable position. If you want to learn how link spam affects your SEO negatively and how can you fix it keep reading.

How does link spam affect your SEO negatively?

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Link spam aims to increase the number of spammy backlinks to a particular site. That site can also be your website when it is in the hands of people who are not real search engine optimization experts. In the long run, spammy links can be a big problem for your SEO and affect it very unfavorably, even though they do initially increase the visibility of your website and seem to make sense.

Your SEO ranking may be severely compromised due to the use of some form of spammy links. Link spam can be implemented as spam posting, hiding spammy backlinks in the content, individual blog posts, link farms, and spam web directory. As we mentioned, this can be applied by an SEO agency or a freelancer who does not know how to do their job the right way, but it can also be an insidious move made by the competition in order to destroy your platforms. In both cases, it is necessary to take action quickly to prevent the loss of reputation and ranking of your website and other unwanted consequences.

Once Google detects that you are creating unwanted content online and violates its search quality guidelines, it will severely penalize you by removing you from its organic search results. This almost always happens and it is not possible to trick Google in the long run.

How to fix this?

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While your organic ranking will be severely compromised after Google detects and penalizes the presence of a large number of unwanted backlinks pointing to your site, that doesn’t mean it’s all lost forever. With a little effort, you can restore your original status.

One way is to contact all the sites that have spammy links that forward users to your website. However, this and how it can take, so arm yourself with patience. Another approach is to collect all the unwanted spammy backlinks, create a website file, and submit them to Google using the disavow tool.

Conclusion: If the bad SEO agency you hired or one of your competitors decided to use link spam that leads to your website, it is necessary to detect it as soon as possible and try to fix it. While this can bring you a lot of new visitors and more conversions very quickly, in the long run, it can be disastrous for your SEO, reputation, and website ranking. Find a way to eliminate all spammy links and regain your organic rankings. You can take help of WebSwiggy for professional SEO Services.