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13 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Person you Can’t Seem to Find Anything For

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Whether your dad won’t tell you what he wants for Father’s Day or he says he doesn’t want anything at all, finding him a gift can be a challenge. Of course, you could take a guess at what he might like or just decide not to give him anything at all. Rather than let him frustrate you with possibilities of what to do about the matter, try reading this useful list of exceptional gift ideas.

1. An Electronics Repair Kit

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The Vastar 62-in-1 Magnetic Driver Kit is available for $14 on Amazon for handy fathers everywhere. Your dad can use it to fix game consoles, laptops and phones. So next time he’s searching for his tools, you can remind him that he has this useful kit. Additionally, photo chemical etching can be an outstanding option if he wants to use a go-to metal fabrication technology that produces burr-free results that are low-cost and save time.

2. A Unique Grooming Kit

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The BEARDMAN Beard and Brush Comb Kit comes with everything dads need to keep those beards and mustaches in tip-top shape. One thing to note is that the beard brush is curved to fit the face’s natural contours, unlike other brushes out there. Moreover, there’s a mustache comb, dual-sided comb, beard and mustache scissors, and a nifty keychain.

3. A Stylish Workout Shirt

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You can find a fashionable shirt made of moisture-wicking fabric for fathers who like to stay chic and sweat hard. He won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa because athletic tops are made in a wide variety of sizes, styles, fabrics and designs. He can wear a short-sleeved light blue top in summer or a red long-sleeved shirt in winter.

4. A Unique but Adorable Pet

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Despite the fact that there are plenty of pets your father might like, you may be able to find an axolotl for sale online or even locally. This isn’t just any pet because he’ll be able to show all of his friends and family an exotic creature. You could also give him a dog or a cat if he’s more traditional.

5. An Affordable Blender

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While most people may think blenders are too expensive to give as a gift, there are affordable options that work well. The Hamilton Beach Bullet Blender is $18 on Amazon, portable and your dad won’t need to wash extra dishes to make it work. It has a 175-watt motor that’s highly useful for making healthy protein drinks, smoothies and much more. Further, it comes with a portable blending cup he can take off and carry with him to work.

6. A Creative Mug

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Mugs exist with a variety of quotes, jokes and sayings to make a father laugh, cry or just have peace of mind. For instance, you can buy him a basketball-shaped mug with a hoop at the top. He can shoot marshmallows in the hoop in the morning before work for target practice. This can help him stay motivated for the long day ahead. On the other hand, there are many different funny beach towels with quirky cartoons you can give him to bring his sense of humor out.

7. A Fashionable Watch

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For those dads who need to be on time for football games, workdays or meetings, a watch can be a smart pick. This means he can feel and look his best and avoid the frustration of being late. You can give him a classy timepiece that’s affordable, luxurious and sophisticated.

8. Moleskine Pen and Ellipse Smart Writing Set

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If your dad takes a lot of notes, he can probably benefit from using a smart note-taking device. This writing set includes a digital smart pen, pen, paper tablet and more. Now he won’t be forced to carry a pile of notes everywhere he goes.

9. A Disney Plus Subscription

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Although dads may enjoy being labeled as tough guys at times, they often love using their imaginations. In fact, with a Disney Plus subscription, he’ll have the chance to watch Star Wars, Pixar movies, Marvel flicks, Nat Geo films and others. And he can watch his favorite movies whenever he wants to.

10. Digital Tape Measure

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Dads who like working with their hands will likely appreciate using a digital tape measure. Going digital can help him work more efficiently and make his life easier than ever. You can find an affordable digital tape measure for $40 with conversion capabilities and memory storage on Amazon.

11. An Emergency Fire-Starter Kit

The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter is inexpensive and can make starting a fire easy enough. The case is fireproof, and there are water-resistant waxed tinder sticks and a flint wheel ignition. Your dad can live his dream of being a survivalist or just use it when he feels like it.

12. A Cooling Pad for Hot Days

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With the scorching days of summer just around the corner, you may want to consider investing in a Chill Pal Cooling Band. This product is versatile and gives a person 12 different ways to wear it. It’s hands-free and easy to use while doing yard work, exercising, jogging, eating meals or doing a multitude of other activities.

13. A Favorite Board Game

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Fathers who enjoy immersing themselves in the world of board games can rejoice over receiving their favorite or even a classic they’ve never tried. Plus, a challenge can give him a way to exercise his brain and do a fun activity with the family. A few ideas include Catan, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, Carcassonne, Colt Express, Star Wars: Imperial Assault and many others.

Although your dad might tell you he’d rather receive nothing for Father’s Day, it’s important to remember that dads tend to ignore their own needs. Instead of believing his probable lies, you might want to get him something anyway. Of course, being hard to buy for doesn’t mean he should be overlooked, especially on a day that was created for him. After all, he’s one of the most lovable people in your life and he deserves to be treated well.