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5 of the Best Powered Access Solutions

Source: pfeifermachinery.com

When in need of some elevation, access platforms are the solution to look for. But in the world of big platforms, some are better than others. So here are the best powered access solutions out there.

1. Spider Platforms

Source: spiderlift.co.uk

Spider platforms or spider lifts are ideal when needing to elevate from uneven ground. These generally have a much smaller stand but can reach big heights. The reason why they’re called that is because of the legs of the machine. Namely, it resembles the legs of spiders, hence the name.

Most spider lifts come with three legs that keep the balance of the whole thing. Depending on what sort of lift you go for, expect to reach big heights up to 200 meters in some cases.

What makes spider lifts so good is that they are hugely versatile. This means they can go around larger obstacles to reach the destination.

2. Scissor Lifts

Source: scissorliftsmanufacturer.com

Unlike spider lifts, scissor lifts offer much smaller elevation and reach. But scissor lifts are some of the safest powered access solutions on the market.

Smaller scissors are much more common on the market, but it isn’t uncommon to find much bigger ones. But generally speaking, scissor lifts are much safer and are considered the safest option. Unlike spider lifts, they come on wheels, and you can operate the entire machine from the stand area.

To get a feel of what scissor lifts offer you, make sure to visit https://cpslift.com/access-platforms/.

3. Cherry Pickers

Source: pixabay.com

The reason why this particular type of lift gets the name “cherry picker” is all down to the fact that their intended use was for picking cherries. But the potential of these powered access platforms was much bigger.

Cherry pickers are ideal when needing to reach big heights. They come with a lift or a bucket at the end of a telescopic arm that offers great elevation.

Cherry pickers are mostly used for the maintenance of buildings and telecommunication towers. The reason why they’re ideal is that they offer stability, safety, and enough room for multiple people to use them.

4. Self-Propelled Platforms

Source: philbrownwelding.com

The most unique thing about self-propelled platforms is that they can be driven to the construction area. Unlike manually propelled lifts, these come with a drive system that an operator can use to drive the machine to the construction area.

That makes them much more valuable than platforms that require a push. Another huge advantage to self-propelled platforms is that they can rotate and reach big heights. Since they come on wheels, they can cover unstable and unsuitable terrain.

5. Truck Mounted Platforms

Source: workingatheightltd.com

Track mounted lifts are what they sound like. Instead of the platform being a part of the machine, it is mounted on a truck or van. But what makes this type of powered access solution so good?

The obvious benefit is that they come on wheels. An operator can drive the truck and bring the platform with them. This gives the platform huge versatility. Truck mounted platforms are necessary for the construction industry. And that’s what makes them so valuable.