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How to Give Your iPhone Screen a Stylish Facelift?

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Your mobile phone is not just a device you would use to place calls and check messages; it is also building your status because many people can be fancied by your mobile phone.

And when the mobile phone is an iPhone, you have to make sure that it stands out from the crowd in the looks. So there are various methods lifted below to facelift your iPhone. You can buy, sell, and refurb smartphone screens with Rapid Refurb online store.

1. Themes

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Themes are a crucial part of how your phone looks because sometimes people are confused between the various styles and think switching to various themes is annoying.

But the iPhone has now simplified the rush because it has come up with many customized themes for users, which allow them to try them out significantly.

These themes mainly focus on the look of your phone, so you can change your wallpaper without changing the theme. So you can switch to any form of theme which makes you comfortable, like Nightshade, Cosmos, etc., depending on your choice.

2. Icons

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Though people realize it the least, your icons play a major role; various icon packs allow users to design their applications differently. The standard icons are the most used, whereas some other forms of icons also depict the meaning of the same application.

So you must use an icon pack that comes along with your theme; suppose your theme is nightshade, so you must use a dark icon pack that goes along with the theme. Various free aesthetic iphone icons would go along with your iPhone theme.

3. Modes

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Once you are done with the theme and icon for your iPhone, you have to go for the light or dark mode in your system. There is also a reading mode that makes the light of your system light yellowish, so you can choose any of them based on your choice.

But most people go along with dark mode; if your theme is dark, you must go for dark mode. Else a light mode is also a good option.

4. WallPaper

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It is crucial in a mobile phone because it is like the first impression of your device, so it is advisable to use wallpaper that suits your theme (not mandatory). Because whenever you unlock your phone, the first screen visible will be your wallpaper, so you have to make sure that you make a pleasing effect on the viewer, so use a good wallpaper.

5. LockScreen

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Suppose you want to see time on your mobile phone, then you need to press the power button once, and the screen visible behind it will be your lock screen. So this is the first most visible screen, so you must make it somehow decent and plain by adding some widgets on the screen or a News section.

6. External

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The last factor which affects the looks is the cover of your phone, so it is advisable to keep a plain and dark-colored cover because they do not get dirty easily nor reflect any mark of stains. So a dark plain cover can be a great choice.